03 March, 2005

Opening the gate to Fenrir...

After much /shouting around Lower Jeuno, I finally got around to fighting Ifrit, and getting the whisper of flames- the last whisper I need to complete the moon bauble which is my access to Fenrir's lair hidden within the Full Moon Fountain. Onekomaru offered to help me out when I bumped into her earlier in the morning, and we placed a tentative time to meet up. Between that morning and the scheduled time (which was at night), I had plenty of time to burn.

I'll get around to that later on, don't worry. ^^

As Murphy's Law dictates, Onekomaru goes afk for a {Long time}, and doesn't return until a full hour after our scheduled time >_<, but that fortunately didn't matter much in the end. Starting from humble beginnings, the party slowly took place. First, I got a /tell from a RDM61 who was curious as to whether or not 61 was too low. Since I figured she wouldn't be on the front lines, I let her join in. She wasn't sure if she has enough fame to collect the tuning fork of fire, so she ran off to Kazham while I continued by /shout in Jeuno:

{Excuse me...}{Ifrit}{Battle}-{Looking for members.}^^ {Member} @ 1- Please send a {/tell}! ^^

If there's anything I'm sure of in Vana'diel, I hate /shouting. >_<

Eventually, Zim lets me know that he's also up for fighting Ifrit, and so, while waiting for his party to end, I continue /shouting. Having a BRD71 on your team's always a good thing, too. Meanwhile, the RDM sends me a /tell letting me know that the tuning fork is in her possession. I do a little /dance in celebration.

For a while, it's just the three of us trying to find more people. The RDM then drags in a MNK61, who I'm also skeptical of, but the MNK assures me that he's built with +ACC gear, and with the BRD helping him along, he'd be sure to hit on a regular basis. Even better, the MNK was actually the RDM's real life husband, so how could I say no to that? ^^

The next member was the jackpot- PLD. Granted, PLD63, and a little bit too low for my liking, but after cross-checking with Zim's linkshell, we conclude that 63 is high enough and /welcome him in. Hard part's over, now just one more to go. The final member was Debauchery, a RNG71 who was part of the Ifrit run yesterday, and seeing as how we had 5 all ready to go, he joined us with little hesitation. We have 6!

Unfortunately, it was Firesday. >_<

Fortunately, the trip to the Cloister of Flames took long enough, by the time we actually got there, it had turned to Earthsday, so we were all good. The RDM and MNK had never been to Ifrit's Cauldron before, so they were more than excited to partake in this, taking all the extra precautions to make sure things would go smoothly. (Even using their Silent Oils and Prism Powders on the outer ends of the Cauldron, before the bombs start. >_<)

Part of the delay involved waiting in front of a Flame Spout that never seemed to want to go down. It felt like it kept us waiting outside for a good ten minutes before finally deciding to co-operate and let us through. Keeping everyone close together (and also because I was the only one who really knew my way around Ifrit's Cauldron :P), I guided them to the Cloister of Flames without further ado.

For some reason, Ifrit was a lot harder this time than the last, partially because the members' levels were about 8 lower than when I did it with the Ghostbusters crew. He gave the Paladin (Zfx) a bit of a run for his money, and it didn't help that we didn't quite know what Ifrit's 2-hour ability was called. I had a sneaking suspicion it was Hellfire, but I wasn't certain. Anyway, we were ready for his 2-hour with both Barfira and Fire Carol up, and none of us got severely hurt in the process, well, except for the poor MNK who had unlucky die rolls on the resists and took the brunt of 1600 damage. Ouchies. >_<

Some 2-hour abilities of our own ensued, including Invincible, Eagle Eye Shot, and Chainspell-Water II. It was fun, and Debauchery almost died after getting so much hate. I managed to sneak in a last-second Cure V on him (when he was at like, 11 life ^^), too!

With that done, it was time to head back to Windurst for the next part. Getting my moon bauble.

Upon seeing the six whispers of the avatars, Carbuncle's Ruby started to react. Transforming itself, Curbuncle spoke to me, saying that only Carby's power could open the way to Fenrir's lair.

Soon, the words appeared- Obtained Key Item: Moon bauble. I was finally done with this task! ^^

Now to see if I can get any Fenrir parties going, although that will probably take a lot more organisation- given how hard it was to get people just for a regular avatar, imagine how hard it'd be to find six people willing to go for Fenrir?

Oh well.

Anyway, I said I'd go into how I burned my time between first talking to Onekomaru and the Ifrit fight. It just so happened that during maintainence, I was occupying myself with reading past issues of the Vana'diel Tribune. One of the editions had an article regarding people's Mog Houses, and the prettiness (or lack of!) that some of them held. My Mog House, unfortunately, fell into the latter category, with just nine Cupboards lined up against the wall and a Windustian Tree to spruce things up. Hardly stellar.

And so, I embarked upon a little bit of a redecorating spree. Having bought a Noble's Bed (100k! Ouch!), I figured any additional furniture wouldn't hurt as much, and so I wandered around looking for other things to decorate my house with. An Angel's Blood painting, a Workbench, a Tarutaru folding screen, some Brass flowerpots- I feel I have done quite a nice job sprucing things up! (At least, for one half of the house...) Still some work to be done though. >_<

Here's a quick tour of my Moggie-Woggie House! I set up my (Noble's) Bed tucked away in a little corner flanked by the cupboards and the tree with the fountain on one side. How I sleep with the persistent sound of water splashing down in my pond is beyond me, but hey, I won't complain with a private fountain! ^^ The second shot is of my "Workbench", complete with writing accessories, and flowerpots, ready and waiting to grow goodies for yours truly. ^^

Still need to work on renovating! Busy-busy! >_<

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