30 June, 2008

Numbers, please!

The Mog Bonanza numbers are out! Here are the lucky and the luckier numbers:

Rank 5: ____1
Rank 4: ___44
Rank 3: __379
Rank 2: _1017
Rank 1: 47396

Ah well, one can always dream- all I got was the Rank 4 and Rank 5 prize. At least I come out ahead though. Congratulations to the 56 people out there with the top prize. Does that mean the Vana'diel economy goes up by at least 5,600,000,000gil? ^^

And of course, don't forget the real big prize of it all: Inventory -10! Wa-hey! :D

29 June, 2008

{Harpsichord}{Found it!}

Guess what came in the mail today? :D

Admittedly, I wasn't too happy about their choice of tracks, since I feel there are other pieces of music that really ought to have an official piano arrangement out, for example, Distant Worlds. That, and I don't really like much of ToAU or WotG music, as with a few exceptions, the rest are rather "meh." Could just be me though. ^^

Anyway, other than my spiffy new CD, the other thing that I was looking forward to was the in-game item you could redeem through a coupon provided with the CD. Without further ado,

{Harpsichord}{Found it!}

Onto other things. I've taken up to leveling Scholar after quite a bit of debating between PLD, SCH and BRD. In the end, I decided to go with SCH because it allowed me to do one more thing, which is yet another projectaru I'm working on.

The idea is to expand Campsitarus to include all the viable {Beastmaster}{Pet} camps throughout Vana'diel, since I've taken to solo'ing a few jobs every once in a while, and I find myself looking up more or less the same information I want to know when I want to take a party out to camp.

I started my SCH up again from SCH19, and at the time of writing (and after more {death}s than I can be bothered to count -_-), I am now standing at SCH24. :D

I also have plans to level BRD as my "drag parties to random places" job, too, although that's going by...a lot slower. ^^;

Finally, to wrap things up, here's the tracklist for FFXI's Piano Collections for those who are interested:

1. A New Horizon- Tavnazian Archipelago
2. Ronfaure
3. The Grand Duchy of Jeuno
4. Whispers of the Gods (Aydeewa Subterrane)
5. Stargazing (Windurst Waters [S])
6. Faded Strife -Besieged-
7. Mercenaries' Delight
8. The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
9. The Cosmic Wheel (West Sarutabaruta [S])
10. Griffons Never Die (Southern San d'Oria [S])
11. Wings of the Goddess (WotG title screen)

Last but not least, good luck for the Mog Bonanza tomorrow! :D

24 June, 2008

Where is the Tarutaru?

{I'm back!} and {/welcome} to The Bloggaru, v2.0! :D

It's been way, waay, waaaaaay too long since I last blogged about anything, though as I'm sure I've lamented time and time again, it's mostly due to nothing particularly interesting to blog about.

Sure, I could join the masses of people that have since blogged about the ZNM update, or some new precious acquisition, but I think I'm kinda late for that, and have since missed the bandwagon. ^^;

So, I'll write about a new personal projectaru of mine instead. ^^ See, I've suddenly taken to going {sightseeing} all over Vana'diel, and taking screenshots of me doing the famous, and original tarutaru dance (read: none of that "/dance4 motion" crapparu :P) in all sorts of places across Vana'diel.

I've since compiled what I've done so far into an album, as well as a slideshow over on the sidebar. It's...quite satisfying to say the least, and I'm oddly enough having quite a blast doing this. If nothing else, it's certainly nice to get away from all the xp grinds, Assaults, merits, whatnot and just sit back and marvel at what a beautiful place Vana'diel actually is, if you took the time to explore. Here are a few samples of what I've been up to:

Now, unfortunately, when I was making this new template, I intentionally shot all my pictures so that they would fit nicely as a slideshow on the sidebar, but it seems that my current template, or at least the widget automatically resizes it down to whatever you see over on the top-right hand corner! Is there anyone out there who could {Help me out!}? >_<

Some of you out there might be wondering though, "Hey, isn't this...?" Yes, the idea is not entirely original (me dancing all over Vana'diel, that is). In fact, this was largely inspired by a particular YouTube video, that I understand has since become some sort of an internet meme:

Well, about two years ago, I was introduced to an earlier video of his, where all I saw was, well, someone dancing in places all over the world. I kinda watched it with my college roommates, had a little chuckle over it, and that was it.

Fast forward two years later. I'm randomly browsing through YouTube again, and I see a new video by the same guy (Matt Harding), except bigger, grander and honestly speaking, better!

It seems that his little dance has really taken off somewhat, and he even has his own website/blog, titled "Where the hell is Matt?" (hence my own title, "Where is the Tarutaru?") where he writes about all his travels, which even includes a three-part talk he did in Champlain College, Burlington, Vermont about his video, how it started, and so on. I found it interesting watching. ^^

But in any case, I then figured, why not I try the same thing in Vana'diel? And you know what? It's really fun! :D

Although now that I'm thinking about it, I probably should've shot video instead (which means I'll have to revisit every location again -_-) of just taking pictures, but the idea is still there. ^^

Now, anyone know of any video taking software (like fraps?) and some editing program I can download and use? ^^