02 March, 2005

Horrible, just horrible.

Good grief, today must've been the worst day in a long, long while- absolutely nothing went right!

Tried making a party for Ifrit. We get BLM WHM RDM RNG RNG, and are stuck for two hours waiting for a Paladin or Ninja to co-operate and help us out. None did. At the end of said two hours, everyone just gave up. ; ;

Then Redherr invited me for an xp party- the setup was decent. Not spectacular, with NIN WAR THF SAM BLM RDM, but we had a Raging Rush -> Tachi: Gekko -> Arching Arrow skillchain going for Fragmentation and Light (although how Raging Rush turns a Fusion skillchain into a Light skillchain is beyond me), and the cave by Bibiki Bay was even open. I thought we were going to get into a good party.

We didn't. The worst part of it was that it was my fault. ; ;

On our second pull, I realise that I'm the only semblance of a WHM around, so I start editing a macro for Barfira, which basically involves equipping my Water Staff for increased Fire resistance since I have lower Enhancing Magic skill than a White Mage. No sooner do I finish, the Hobgoblin starts to get ready to do a Bomb Toss. I hurriedly hit F8 to target the Goblin and hit my Stun macro...

...only to see that a Tartarus Eft leapt in front of me, and so the Stun hit the Eft, and not the Goblin. ; ;

Many deaths insued- me first obviously, then Redherr when he decided to 2hr a skillchain off, then the Ranger who tried to kill the Eft after Redherr died, and then the Ninja who was Poisoned and the RDM didn't notice. Yes, the NIN died to poison damage after we beat the Eft, as in, "falls to the ground." I felt so bad after that, I kept on apologising profusely since this is not something I normally do. The RNG already threatens to quit by this point, but we manage to talk him into staying.

So Raise (1s ; ;) was cast and five minutes later, we're off again. I change all my macros to instead of to avoid such an issue again upon assurance from the RNG that we won't get a link. Sure enough, he pulls a link. >_<

At least my Sleep II macro is still in , so I highlight the linked Goblin, and Sleep II it...only to be resisted. The Goblin starts coming after me towards the back of the cave. The RDM didn't appear to notice that the Goblin needed to be slept, so I only had Sleepga II as a ready option to sleep the Goblin...except that the Efts were at the back of the cave.

So I ran out to the front, with the Goblin in tow, at least then I could Sleepga II both Goblins and proceed on as normal.

I run out to the front. Goblin follows me.

Someone yells "Sleep it, quick!"

I hit my Sleepga II macro.


The ƒt$ƒ@%‚«#‚ñ&^‚® Tartarus Eft decided that it, also wanted to come to the front for a breath of fresh air, and so it got hit by the Sleepga II as well. ; ;

We all ran outside so that when the Eft wakes up, it'd also run outside and so avoid the link from its companion at the back. So we all run outside, except for somebody who didn't notice the words "EVERYBODY OUTSIDE NOW" in /party chat, and stays inside. Of course, the other Tartarus Eft decides to trundle to the front of the cave as well, and links with the first. ; ;

More death ensued. ; ;

In the end, there was a lot of pissed off people, a lot of shouting, and I was sitting there feeling really awful. It didn't help that, unknown to the others, I had /panicked and accidentally switched to the wrong macro set for my Sleepga II. That is, instead of Sleepga II, I started to cast Warp on myself, which was definitely NOT a good thing! At least I managed to catch that one in time, and ended up running around in circles, frantically hoping that the Warp would be interrupted. Thankfully, it was and nobody noticed that mishap. I'd hate to think what would've happened if that Warp resolved.

I still can't help but feel that I caused both accidents, although some of the others didn't seem to mind. The RDM left, and I said I was clearly in no state to party any longer, which was true. By this part I was quite visibly shaken, and I didn't feel I could play in that condition. They got a SMN and another RDM to come replace us. The WAR, NIN and Redherr didn't seem to mind it at all, since I guess they realised I was just having a really bad day. The RNG (who happened to be in the Ifrit party) kept quiet.

Along to /cheers, /hurrays and other such support from Redherr and the two others, I Warped, and logged for the day. I think a break's in good order...

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