18 March, 2005

Everyone's Grudge

Thanks to ZM4, I now had a Uggalepih Coffer key in my possession. And so, what else is there to do other than try to find myself a map of the Temple of Uggalepih with the key? ^^

Thankfully, I pretty much remembered the way to get to the coffer area, although seriously, the Uggalepih coffer is quite possibly as annoying, if not more so than Garlaige Citadel. A person can only reach half of the coffer spawns solo, with the other five either behind locked doors (of which a key is needed), or behind the door that is watched over by a Temple Guardian. I went down hoping to try my luck.

Unfortunately, none of the accessible spawns help the coffer, and so the coffer was definitely behind a locked door. (This, I confirmed after following another party through the door with the Temple Guardian). Chances are that the coffer spawned behind the door that requires the Prelate key to get past, but I didn't really want to farm up a one-time use key just to see if a coffer was there, so I decided to take my chances with the other two spawns hiding behind the Uggalepih key door. Given that the exit from the Sacrificial Chamber leads to the coffer spawns, I was kicking myself for quickly Escaping out of the place after beating ZM4, but then again, I do that every time I Warp II people after a party, and Warp myself before the treasure has time to fall into my gobbiebag. /sigh

That meant I now had to solo Tonberry Cutters for the key, not that they were a problem being {Too weak}. Of course, I had Throat Stab to watch out for, which is an attack that reduces me to 10% of my max hp, and of course, Everyone's Grudge, but I don't remember killing that many Tonberries. I certainly didn't kill many as a White Mage, and I remember taking care not to score the killing blow as a Black Mage. So I figured I'd be okay.

Several Tonberry Cutters later, I was still key-less. Frustrated, I then go ahead and fight one more and then, just as I was about to deal the finishing blow...

Hmm...I guess I must've killed more Tonberries than I thought. /sulk

With that, I decided it was time to clear up my Tonberry hate, or their Rancor. I sought out a person by the name of Magephaud in Norg who also had a previous encounter with the Tonberry. He told me that he could tell me where I could go to clear my hate, but he'd only do so in exchange for three Gold Beastcoins. ; ; Grumbling, I bought said beastcoins from the Auction House and handed them over. He then told me about how he too had once killed Tonberries, and stumbled across a Tonberry Priest who could lift the curse on him. However, the Priest demanded gil out of him, and so, reluctant to simply hand over gil just like that, he asked the Priest to prove his claim.

The Priest then lifted the curse off Magephaud, but of course, Magephaud didn't pay. Instead, he swiped the Priest's key, and fled. >_<

It was this key that he gave me, and with it, I then went to seek out the Tonberry Priest, and reset my hate. /sigh...I imagine this map could take quite a while...

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