05 March, 2005


Again, busy-busy today! >_<

Purchased a new bookstand for my house, and now I can read a littlaru bit when I'm at home. /grin. Other than that, Warped into Jeuno to find lots of cheap Darksteel Ores on sale, but somebody was busy buying up the lotaru! I managed to snag four of them before the cheap ones were gone, but that was all. ; ;

I still had my stack of Darksteel Ingots from the last time someone decided to release a whole bunch of Darksteel Ores at once. I think this must be a weekend thing, and it'd be interesting to find out if prices drop when the weekend comes due to increased supply (theoretically). Then again, the weekend would also mean increased demand, so that doesn't quite make sense. I do know that Darksteel Ingots go out of stock on weekends though, and that's the ideal time to sell. ^^

So anyway, I had this stack of Darksteel Ingots that I didn't quite know what to do with. I could always sell them piece by piece for a very nice profitaru (around 85k profit), or I could synth them into Darksteel Sheets which, while isn't quite as profitable as the Ingots, still lets me come out ahead, of course, assuming no failures. It was also Watersday, so I was a little apprehensive about crafting the sheets, but in the end, I bit the bullet and went for it.

Advanced Imagery. Watersday. Last Quarter Moon (actually, just 2 days before the New Moon, but I couldn't wait until then >_<).

+0.2, +0.1, +0.2, +0.2, +0.1!

What is this thing they call a +0.2 skillup? I vaguely remember something of the sort waaaaay back when I first started crafting, but to have a +0.2 skillup in a craft that's in the 50s, yet alone this many, is almost unheard of. Even better, I only failed once (on the first 0.2 skillup), and even then, I only lost the crystal. ^^


Overall, a +0.8 out of twelve synths with no material loss? Geez, even my Alchemy doesn't give that good results! Now if only that were for my Goldsmithing...I actually tried to find a stack of Gold Ingots to make some rings based on this, but there were none to be found. Gold seems to have shot up quite a bit recently though- Ingots are 40k/ea now. Stacks are (I think) 420-440k...

Anyway, Smithing 53.5! ^^

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