25 March, 2005

Of all things...

This HNMLS problem isn't the only thing that Wadian is causing me.

It seems that Wadian (the person) also has a crush on me. >_<

Why of all things that could possibly happen to me, does a gil-seller have to have a crush on me??!

I've already told him "no" multiple times over the past three days, but he just keeps coming. Members of his LS already tell me he's very sensitive, and I'd hate to hurt his feelings, because gil-seller or not, he is still a person. It's just that...his constant hounding is rather unsettling at best. I certainly wouldn't want people I know to be walking by and see "Wadian kisses Tuufless!" Geez, and they say girls have it easy...here's an excerpt from my last conversation with Wadian earlier today (translated, of course):

Wadian: I really do like you.
Me: >_<
Wadian: You don’t believe me?
Me: It’s too complicated.
Wadian: Why do you say it’s too complicated?
Wadian: Be my girlfriend, okay?
Wadian: Please.
Me: I already told you, no.
Wadian: When will you change your mind?
Me: {/sigh} ; ;
Wadian: Changed your mind yet?
Me: I can’t change my mind, it’s just how I feel.
Wadian: Why do you feel that way?
Me: {/sigh}…
Wadian: I’m saddened ; ;
Me: Sorry. ; ;
Wadian: Just say okay—it’s just one word!
Me: It’s not that simple…
Me: I don’t hate you, but…
Me: I don’t have any feelings for you either.
Wadian: I already said it’s just a game. How is it that complicated?
Me: ......
Wadian: Okay? I’m begging you {/kneel} >.<
Me: No! >_<
Wadian: I’m crying >.< I’ll ask you again later.

Geez, I can already see it on the front-page headlines of the Vana'diel Tribune: "Gil-seller falls in love with kindly taru." /bleach

I know, this is where everyone is asking me to just /blacklist Wadian and move on.

Unfortunately, I can't quite justify /blacklisting him, although I've gotten close. I'm gonna have to be drive it into his skull that no, I'm not up for grabs, and no, Tuufless cannot be bought!




Just opened my delivery box to see a single red rose there.

Guess who it was from?

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