15 March, 2005

Forbidden Magic.

Well, not quite.

The title was supposed to be something along the lines of "Practicing the Forbidden Art", or "Walking down the road of the Summoner", but both titles were just too long for my liking, so I kept it as just "Forbidden Magic." Those unfamiliar with the story behind Summoners in Final Fantasy XI might not know of this, but as the title implies, summoning magic was a recently discovered branch of magic, discovered by some of Windurst's astounded professors. However, since it was not understood, and was dealing with some very volatile things, the Star Sybil deemed Summoning magic banned. I won't go into any more detail, just in case there're those out there who'd prefer to find out the story for themselves. ^^

Anyway, I've muled all my RDM gear away, and am now leveling up my good 'ol SMN. ^^

Finally having Fenrir is so nice. After having tried soloing in the La'Theine Plateau with the other avatars and now with Fenrir, he really does solo a whole lot better than the regular avatars. I still died when a VT Orc aggro'ed me while I was resting, and the two hits he got on me was enough to kill me before I could get my Spirit out. As of now, I'm busy tearing up Fort Ghelsba, and finding that I'm getting a whole lot more xp there, faster. Sure, everything there's "Easy Prey" to me, and it's only 18-25xp a kill, but I go through at least five mobs before my mp starts running low, and I have to dismiss Fenrir to rest.

That, and the Fire Crystals that drop from the Orcs-aplenty there are mmmm, good! ^^

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