12 March, 2005

All that is Red and Glitters...

Another long break in between! Actually, I wasn't updating this mostly because not a whole lot has been happening. If you want the brief summary of this past week, I, um, hit Black Mage 71! Unfortunately, that's about all the major accomplishments I had...until today. ^^

On an aside, I've started to level up my Red Mage to work as a subjob for the Black Mage. As I'm writing this, I'm sitting upon a RDM34 that's about half way to level 35. Two more levels after that, and I have a settled RDM sub. Now, whether I want to continue leveling RDM past 37 and onto 60 (*cough* pimp hat *cough*) or not has yet to be determined. I'd imagine I'd like to get around to it at some point, although given the standard of players I've been meeting, that doesn't look like a very nice proposal.

See, while on the one hand you get awesome parties that get Chain #4s for 268xp in the Yhoator Jungle, such parties are few and far between. Most parties are still incredibly newbish, struggling to meet even 3k an hour. Black Mages seem particularly guiltly of "n00b" behaviour, and for some reason, can never seem to keep their finger off the trigger, much to the dismay of all their tanks. Eventually, I dragged my Red Mage through the hell that is the jungles, and into the hell that is the Garlaige Citadel. Why people like this place is beyond me, although to be honest, I quite liked Garlaige the first time I leveled through here on my White Mage. Now, it just feels horrible. People don't know what they're doing, people are trying mobs that're way above what they can handle (I saw someone ding 31 in Garlaige- you don't even think of moving into Garlaige until 32). As mentioned earlier, the Black Mages have absolutely no sense of hate (or mana) management (the party I was just in had the BLM open with Aero II, Water II, Stone II- only reason why he didn't die was because of the two WHMs in the party.) Oh, and did I mention trying to explain SATA is a right pain in the neck?

Not to mention the obligatory train of assorted bats to the zone that causes much {death} and delays everybody for about ten minutes...

...only to have someone zone back into the Citadel, aggro the bats, and pull them back to the zone line so everybody has to wait some more. /sigh


The main event of today? New Moon. To be more specific, Darksday New Moon. ^^ That meant a bit of crafting. Having made two stacks of Darksteel Ingots, I decided to list them up in Bastok to see if I could sell them. The Bastok AH had them at 240k/stk, which was a lot better than the 200k/stk Jeuno was offering. Two days later, I find that the Ingots still haven't sold, and go to check that the price had fallen to 207k/stk. ; ;

Another aside, this time on undercutting:

Darksteel Ingots is one thing. However, whoever had the moronic sense to completely screw up the Combat Caster's Boomerang +1 market deserves to be shot. In the span of 4 days, or nine transactions, some fool has dropped the price of the Combat Caster's Boomerang from a nice 40k/ea. to 30k/ea. One even sold for 28,100 gil.

A Combat Caster's Boomerang +1 costs 28,100 gil. A normal Combat Caster's Boomerang costs 30,000 gil. Anyone see a problem here?

It's marvellous what people's intelligence (or lack of) can do. From something that was a 5k profit/synth (Mythril Ingot from Ores/Coins), it's now a 9k loss/synth. {Congratulations!}


Over the past few weeks, I had been accumulating a bunch of Mythril Ingots. Why, I don't know. I kept on picking up the random piece of Mythril here and there and would synth them into Ingots, not selling them since the AH was offering 7.5k for one, and I preferred a better 8-9k price range. So I found myself with half a stack of Mythril Ingots, and two stacks of Darksteel Ingots. That, coupled with Darksday, New Moon, led to just one conclusion.

Skilling up! ^^

My Darksteel sheets initially leveled up like crazy. I got +0.2, +0.1, +0.1, +0.1 all as my first four synths, succeeding in every one of them. I was quite happy about that, and soon, I was greeted with:

Of course, now I had a problem. Smithing had caught up with Goldsmithing, and that would not do! >_< Hurrying over to the Bastok Auction House, I found that there were no Ram Leathers in stock to make Mythril Cuisses. At least, no single pieces of Ram Leather. And so, I bought an entire stack and set about converting my Mythril Ingots to sheets. >_<

Four synths later (one failed and I only lost the leather :P), I finally get what I've been (sort of) working for over the past...what is it now, six weeks? My records tell me I hit Goldsmithing 54 on the 25th January, so yeah...that one level took me a heckaru of a long time! >_<

So the cuisses cost me 19k a synth (especially since I tried to desynth them to recycle materials). That's okay. Sweet bliss follows:

/joy ^^

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