16 March, 2007

{/goodbye} again. -_-

I understand it's been nearly a month since my last entry. It's not that I haven't been playing- I have been, but rather, the writer's bug hasn't bitten me, or nothing significant has happened that has made me want to write.

Two rl friends are back in the game, and are currently working on what will hopefully be a BLU75 and SAM75. On my side, I've been focusing on my BLM, given that we plan on working together as a casual-ish endgame LS of sorts, and I'm probably going to be the resident BLM around.

Thus, the sea farming. I finally got around to getting my Ice and Thunder Obis, as well as my Relaxing Earring, and I have to say, those organs were a pain to get. I actually solo'ed some 30,000xp just trying to get those organs, if that was any indication. >_<

Fortunately, all you have to think is "organs first, xp is a bonus," and things become a lot easier to stomach. It's actually easy to solo in sea as a BLM once you're used to things- not as good xp as, say, Puddings, but remember, organs first, yeah? ^^

I've also made some recent discoveries including finding out the convenience of having a PLD tank around as Seraphpdh and I duo'ed a few Euvhis, simply by him standing in the middle, covering me while I had 15 seconds or so of nuke heaven to kill the offending flower/spider/pot/whatever. It was fun. :)

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to take another extended break now. Unlike my last break, where I planned on quitting for good, this time I'm not planning on quitting, but also cannot say when I will be back. I know it will probably be at least six more weeks before I get back, and even then, I will not be able to play with any real frequency.

All I can say is "we shall see how things turn out." Wish me all the best of luck!