24 September, 2006

One month later...

Strawberrie said:
Celius's first rule of quitting states that if you tell even a single soul about it... you will return.

See you soon, Tuuf. :o

Oh gawd dammitaru, Celius. -_-

It's been a little over a month since I "officially" quit the game, and to be honest, I really thought I would be gone for good. I was planning on saving my gear, just in case I decided to come back, but changed my mind at the last minute and gave everything away to those who showed up at my "farewell" gathering, just so that I wouldn't come back.

After I did my "final" /logout somewhere in East Sarutabaruta, I went on to cancel my Content IDs and uninstall the game.

Yes, I was that determined to put this chapter in my life behind me. >_<

As Strawberrie put it, at the time, it probably was for the better. I had ust graduated from college, and since returning home, I had idled away 2+ months at home, playing FFXI and living off my dwindling savings, and basically being an all-around leech in the family. I was determined to put an end to that. Really.

And I suppose it worked. I got onto the jobhunting bandwagon, and am now interning at an advertising agency, as well as looking at a possible lecturing position over at one of our local polytechnics.

It's been kinda nice, but boy, I hate the working life. It could just be that I'm in the wrong department (I'm currently stationed in account servicing), but the workload is high and the hours are crazy.

9-to-5? Hah. Try 9-to-9. (Or even 9-to-11, as I did once. -_-)

That, and just sitting down at my desk felt so awfully draining. I barely even felt alive during the day (and I don't mean in the "I'm exhausted" sense), with little human interaction other than taking orders from my superiors. I need out. Sooner, rather than later.

I know those of you out there already working are probably snickering at me right now, seeing as how I can't take this kind of stuff, but in all honestly, I do not want to be stuck in this kind of life for any length of time. And so, I started thinking about other ways to go about things. What I could like doing.

Yeah...just what do I like doing??

I liked teaching, and I liked writing. That much, I guess should be obvious based on the three blogs that currently make up "The Bloggaru Network"-- I like taking my experiences and helping those who would find themselves in a similar situation. To explore this avenue, I decided to take something that I already knew and liked and running with that to just see what happens. Guess what I decided to use as a base. :P

I've already thought up plans on what I could try and do. I'm aware that over the course of this project, I may upset some people and step on some toes, but it's a risk I guess I'm going to have to take.

I don't know where this will go. I will have to ask plenty of questions, and seek plenty of answers. Hopefully I'll have everybody's support.

So if you just glazed through all of the above, don't worry. The big news is, I'm planning on returning sometime. Only as of right now, I can't say exactly when.

More to come soon, but the taru will be back! ^^