01 March, 2005

Star Breaker!

In a twist of irony, I logged back into Beadeaux to continue my hunt for a Water IV scroll in the morning. It wasn't primetime anywhere, so I was the only one down. Buffing up again, I waited paitently for a Sapphire Quadav to separate itself from the pack so I can pull it for the kill. Feels a lot like savannah hunting, really- once you separate, you're dead. End of story.
Anyway, guess what dropped on the first kill? :D


With that out the way, I eventually turned my attention towards other things, like Ifrit, Zilant Missions, Promyvions, or Windurst 9-2. None of those happened. >_< Somebody was organising a Fenrir run, and I almost got to join them since I was lacking just Ifrit, but upon closer examining, I saw that the person organising was a SMN50. While I may not have fought Fenrir, I do know that Fenrir is very leech-unfriendly, and the SMN might as well not even be there. I decided that a WHM, two BLMs, a NIN and a BRD could successfully take out Fenrir, so I didn't pursue it any further.

Then Railston asked if I wanted to go help him get his Water IV scroll, to which I said something along the lines of "Well, if we're going to Beadeaux, might as well burn the testimonies first," to which Railston decided it was a good idea, and ran up to fight Maat. I personally was a little bit skeptical at the time, choosing instead to wait for Fishura to log on so I could borrow his Enfeebling Torque when the time comes.

Five minutes later, I get the message that'd change my mind about things:

Railston>> I WIN!

Seeing as how we'd only need to get one more testimony in Beadeaux now, I decided I might as well try my hand at fighting Maat one more time. Once again, I had everything planned out taking past mistakes into account. I even dedicated an entire macro set to beating Maat. Aspiring Black Mages might want to take a look:

Alt-1: Freeze
Alt-2: Stun
Alt-3: Elemental Seal
Alt-4: Sleep II
Alt-5: Manafont
Alt-6: Flare
Alt-7: Stun
Alt-8: Firaga III

Basically, that was the plan- just jam the keys in order from Alt-1 through to Alt-8 and hope everything goes according to plan. Once again, I entered the Burning Circle wearing nothing but a Gold Hairpin and two Electrum Rings. This time, I ate a Melon Pie +1, used the Blink Band, and healed to full, rehearsing all the while. Then, it was time to begin. Here's the breakdown of the fight, extracted from the chatlog:

Tuufless uses a Blink Band.
Tuufless starts casting Freeze on Maat.
Maat starts casting Blind.
Tuufless casts Freeze.
Maat takes 591 points of damage.
Tuufless uses Elemental Seal.
Tuufless starts casting Sleep II.
1 of Tuufless’s shadows absorbs the damage and disappears.
1 of Tuufless’s shadows absorbs the damage and disappears.
Tuufless casts Sleep II.
Maar is asleep.
Tuufless uses Manafont!
Tuufless starts casting Flare on Maat.
Maat starts casting Thundaga II.
Tuufless casts Flare.
Maat takes 726 points of damage.
Tuufless starts casting Stun on Maat.
Tuufless casts Stun.
Maat is stunned.
Maat’s casting is interrupted.
Tuufless starts casting Firaga III.
Maat is no longer stunned.
Maat uses Manafont!
Maat starts casting Blizzaga II.
Tuufless casts Firaga III.
Maat takes 655 points of damage.

Notice that I skipped the Alt-2 stage, since for the first time in three attempts, Maat did not open with a -ga spell, opting to cast Blind of me instead. I snickered at him and skipped onwards to Elemental Seal-Sleep as soon as I saw Maat start to cast Blind. After all, I do not fight with my eyes! ^^ It got a little bit crazy towards the end when it basically boiled down to a race between my Firaga III and Maat's Blizzaga II, but the Stun managed to buy me enough time to resolve my Firaga first. And so...

Maat: Hm, That was a mighty fine display of skill there, Tuufless. You've come a long way...

I then exited the Horlais Peak arena to a view overlooking the valley that makes up Horlais Peak. Finished with Genkai 5 at last, I took the opportunity to calm down and relax- I have to admit, I was very nervous throughout the fight, and my hands were still shaking as I won. I felt I could use a good break, soaking my feet in the hot springs...hehe ^^

Genkai 5, Complete! I'm now a Star Breaker! ^^

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