17 March, 2005

Dynamis-Windurst Interloper

Explorer (my Dynamis linkshell) goes on its Dynamis runs every Wednesday morning and Saturday afternoons, EST. This, of course means that the Japanese have to get up to participate at all strange hours, and given how most of the linkshell is Japanese, I'm surprised our timing is not more suited to their timezone. When I go back in the summer, things are sure to get interesting...

Anyway, this time we managed to get into Dynamis-Windurst without any conflicts with other Dynamis linkshells, and to be honest, I wasn't even thinking about that. I had just come from an exam myself, and rushed over to try and make it in time. So.... >_<

From what I've heard, Dynamis-Windurst is the hardest of the four basic Dynamis zones, although I could be wrong there. Still, the statues (Avatar Icons) reportedly have a higher resistance to magic, and not only that, you also have the infamous House of the Hero, which is really one giant trap waiting for whoever is unfortunate enough to walk past it. So, I was a little anxious about this run, although we are a capable linkshell. ^^

So, I airship down to Windurst, zone into Windurst Walls, and who do I see- a new member, Fishura! :D

It's his first time too, so I can certainly empathise with him- he was having the pre-Dynamis jitters just like I was with Dynamis-Jeuno a few days ago, and I basically told him everything I felt was useful. It would be a little different for him since he is RDM, so I guess he was really just support for the extra mages in the back row beating up all the "regular" mobs with the sleep party.

Dynamis-Windurst also seems to be the more expensive of the four- poision potions and echo drops are both required, adding an extra 24k onto the Dynamis-Windurst price tag.../grumble...

Anyway, after some chatter with friends in the linkshell, we were off! our route in Dynamis-Windurst would take us around Windurst Walls, killing three trigger NMs in order to spawn the final boss at (I think) the Windurst Walls Auction House. One of the NMs happens to be close to the House of the Hero, so that was sure to get interesting. It was also funny when Elmas asked the linkshell who wanted BLM AF, and only Kyubigokou came up to the front. In the end, he still didn't get the AF. >_<

The first part started out pretty normal- I was put into the statue-killing party this time, so I was out on the front lines for much of the run. Actually, there isn't much I can say about this run that hasn't been covered already in my Dynamis-Jeuno entry, since things are just like that- if everything goes smoothly, the plus side is that things get done effeciently with no deaths, and everyone's all happy. On the flip side, everything, or everyone becomes part of a well-oiled machine-- going through Dynamis-Windurst clearing things systematically, efficiently, and mechanically.

Of course, things aren't always like this, and soon, I get introduced to something new--suicide pulling. Our puller actually had to do this three times (on the three bosses), so I don't know if that attests to Windurst's difficulty, but oh well. Basically, the number of mobs surrounding a boss was huge, and to try and kill them all the standard way along with the boss would just take too much time, and at higher risk. This was where suicide pulling comes in. The Thief would aggro the boss, and with it, spawns all the accompanying statues and mobs that link and go after the Thief as well. The Thief then activates Flee (or in longer dashes, Perfect Dodge), and runs off someplace and eventually gets beaten up by the train he created. In the meantime, the Paladin is standing by to provoke the boss NM away from the train. Since all the linked mobs were after the thief, we are able to isolate the boss NM this way without having to deal with any other mobs. Of course, the Thief would have to be Raised, but so much time is saved in the process that this was well worth it. What Gluey said might very well have some merit in it-- there are a lot of THF74s, just because they die so much in these things. >_<

There were some areas that we avoided altogether just because the mobs would be far greater than what we could handle. Koru-Moru's Manor for example, had plenty of mobs at its doorstep, and we sidestepped that by hugging the right hand wall as we made it across to the other bridge. One NM boss lay by Yoran-Oran's Manor, and so we did a suicide pull. Unfortuantely, someone happened to be resting up front (while pulling, you do not rest) and so, the Yagudos killed off our THF, and then turned to look at us! We almost wiped out, having about ten people left out of the 33 or so that went, and much time was wasted in the process. In fact, because of this, we almost didn't manage to clear Dynamis-Windurst in time, defeating the final boss with something like five minutes left on the clock.

The final boss also had to be suicided, and once again, things went wrong. >_< The PLD couldn't provoke the boss out of the train quick enough, and the Thief died before the boss could be pulled far enough away, and so everything else linked to it. We now were in a dilemma. We had a boss after us, along with a sizeable train. Trying to kill the train off would be nigh impossible since the boss can't be slept, and so, we did the cowboy move:

Tzee Eciu Idol {Full attack!}

Everyone unleashed everything they had on that one boss, hoping to kill it before the whole alliance wiped out. It was rather funny to see it happen, despite the fact that we all knew we'd die in the end. I think even the Red Mages joined in the nuking along with the Black Mages, at least with an Ice Staff-powered Blizzard III.Slug Shots, SATAs and everything flew everywhere. SAMs 2hr'ed and started firing off all the skillchains they could think of. I, myself tried to nuke the Idol, but one of its attack deals 800 damage in an AoE, and I um....died. >_<

Somehow, we managed to kill it. With its defeat, we (or at least, those left standing) tried to fend off the train for as long as we could, but were horribly outnumbered. The entire linkshell wiped out. Not that it mattered, since with the boss' defeat, the ??? was on the ground where it fell. Eventually, the links went back home to the Auction House.

Then the Reraise IIIs were activated.

Raise IIIs followed.

We all got the Hydra Corps Lantern, and "Dynamis-Windurst Interloper."

And there was much rejoicing. ^^

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