06 April, 2005

To get a map...

Despite the horrid experience last night, I ended up heading straight back to the Temple of Uggalepih today in an attempt to get that accursed Prelate's Key. This time, Enron and his TH2 powers came along for the ride, although they didn't particularly help out that much, at least outside. Fortunately for us, we soon got tired of killing Tonberry Choppers, and proceeded to head inside the Temple to kill Tonberry Stabbers instead.

Guess what dropped on the first Stabber? ^^

Eventually, while Enron and I were killling off Wespes for the Hornetneedle item, Akanea logged back in. Literally dragging him over to the temple, we make a quick run-through to confirm that the coffer hasn't moved. Personally, I wasn't expecting it to move since it certainly didn't look like it had in the past month, so it was to no surprise that we couldn't find it. That meant it was in the one place left- the double-locked doors. With Aka and Enron tagging along, we had a bold plan to ensure that both Aka would get his SAM AF, and I would get my Temple of Uggalepih map. WIth both the Uggalepih key and Prelate's Key in my possession, we figured we could sit in the Prelate Key room for 30 minutes, waiting for the coffer to respawn, and then work our way back out should the coffer not be there. Unfortunately, like everything else that happens, it didn't go according to plan. >_<

Sometime whilst farming up Tonberries for keys, I noticed two people running around the Temple- a RNG, and a SMN. I didn't know it at the time, but SMNs also have an AF coffer in the Temple of Uggalepih, and to my surprise, when I used the Uggalepih Key to gain access to the first room, I saw both of them dead on the floor. My only guess is that the SMN got aggro and the RNG tried to save him. Unfortunately, they were just outnumbered by the number of Tonberry there and were both killed. When I chanced upon them, I couldn't do anything since I was /RDM at the time, so no Raise. However, I decided to try to Tractor them somewhere more accessible to others so they could then be Raised. Unfortunately, I hit the wrong macro by mistake and ended up resting, which the Tonberry aggro to. ; ;

Fortunately, there is one thing that BLMs are very good at- crowd control. A few Sleepga IIs later, I had the entire room in a frozen state, but time was now against us. Opening the Prelate Door, I then spotted the Treasure Coffer lying behind some kind of offering platform of some sort. Rushing, I dashed inside, visible, while Aka and Enron (both Invisible) followed suit. I was in such a hurry, that I did not notice that the Tonberry in this room were of the higher-level ones, the ones that aggro me. >_<

One Water III later and many stabbings, I was lying face down. I tried to run to the Sacrificial Chamber, only to find that it was a drop from the Sacrificial Chamber exit to the room, so there was no way out. Another hp death for me. ; ;

At least Akanea managed to get his AF, so all was good. Now, my map.

Unfortunately, I couldn't bring myself to go grab a map right in front of the SMN, who was evidently also trying really hard to get that elusive coffer as well, and so, I offered to help them out after Aka's coffer. The problem was, they were inside the room, I was outside with no key. At least Enron and Akanea were still stuck inside, so what resulted was a rather amusing scenario of them opening the doors, Enron drawing aggro away from Aka and then using Perfect Dodge to survive while I dashed in to Sleepga II, whereby both Aka and Enron activated their Warp Cudgels home. It was fun! ^^ I then Raised the RNG, Sleepga II'ed the room again, Raised the SMN, then Escaped out with the room all pecking away at me with their daggers while the (Invisible) SMN was watching.

So I decided to let the SMN have the coffer first on condition that they stick around to help me get mine, which they agreed to. It was also during this time while looking for the coffer that we became acutely aware of a JP Tarutaru SAM also looking for a coffer, and we were now in a bind. We managed to race him to the next coffer after the RNG and I killed the Temple Guardian and I rushed up the stairs to find the coffer waiting for the SMN. We now had my coffer to worry about. And so, we waited another half an hour.

When the time came, we all started running around the place, trying to find the coffer, and discovered that it wasn't behind the Temple Guardian door. Those three spots out the way, we then went back around to look for it in the other five spawning points, again to no avail. I was very discouraged by this, since that then meant that it had spawned in one of the locked doors, and was very disappointed at having to find yet another Uggaleph key, or even worse, another Prelate Key to get my map. Fortunately, while we were killing Tonberry Cutters for the Uggalepih key, the JP SAM sent me a /tell letting me know that he had found the coffer. I was bth annoyed, and yet, relieved at the same time. On the one hand, I didn't get the coffer. On the other, at least it wasn't in the locked doors area, although how he got the coffer when we were ahead of him still mystifies me. I can only guess I must've missed it, although I'm sure my tabbing would've at least caught it. Oh well.

We wait another 30 minutes. >_<

This time, we literally trip over the coffer itself. We were busy killing Tonberry Cutters around one of the hollowed out square "pillars", when I decided to pop inside just to rest up MP. Lo and behold, there it was. ^^ I can now (finally) see where I'm going in the Temple of Uggalepih! Yay! (Now for the Den of Rancor- that'll be fun ; ;)

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