19 April, 2005

Certified Alchemist

Some time ago, I started up Alchemy as another craft, to occupy myself when Smithing or Goldsmithing were in a bit of a dry spot. Well, it's true what they say, about Alchemy being very cheap compared to both metal crafts, although in my experience, having both Smithing (and especially Goldsmithing) were a huge help in leveling Alchemy, letting me cheat my way through tough spots with profit synths instead (mmm...love Bullets...).

The last few levels in the 50s were a bit of a pain granted, and after churning out many, many Sleeping Potions huddled by the Goblin cook in Lower Jeuno, it was a mad rush to gather as many Flint Stones as I could in all the AHs to make that final push to 60. Gathering hundreds of Flint Stones, by the way, proved to be quite a task, although I struck lucky in the end when Bastok happened to suddenly have 30+ stacks on the AH, probably due to all the weekend gaming that just finished.

And so, my accomplishment for the day, one which I'm very proud of too: ^^

To answer Nappycat's question: Yep, I'm all done with Alchemy. ^^ The craft's been very good to me, and was well worth the investment. I can easily churn out Bullets for profit with little trouble now, not to mention HQ'ing random things like Animal Glue, Beeswax, and Black Ink all for nice profit.

Of course, the question is what to level next. >_<

I haven't decided for sure yet, but I think I'll probably go with Woodworking. I don't want to jump contracts though, and lose all my Goldsmithing GP, so it looks like I'll probably have to do this without the aid of Lumberjack, which could hurt me quite a lot. ; ; Then again, I don't know just how much Lumber I'd actually synth up, so only time will tell, I guess. I'm certainly looking towards being able to make Shihei, and especially Bast Parchment. I also have an end-plan to hit those last few levels with Alchemy by using Darksteel Bolt Heads from my Smithing skillups, now that the Sandy AH is starting to get flooded with those. ; ;

Oh yes, and one further note- be wary of skillup guides! The Smithing guide I used to use listed Darksteel Bolt Heads as being 55-58. Thus, I've always been thinking up until now that they capped at 58, at least, until I took a look at how I could use Darksteel Bolt Heads of my own, and found that they cap at 62 instead! >_<

In other news, BombBrigade went for their second weekly (we hope) run at KS30, ferrying a total of eleven clients for sixteen runs total. Sad to say, not a single Venomous Claw dropped. >_< I think it's odds must've fallen down to something like 5% drop since SE found how much BLMs can literally abuse this KS30 battle. We did, however get a Damascus Ingot and a Damascene Cloth, so this looks like a tidy sum of money for us all.

Speaking of money, the proceeds from our last KS30 run and my Platinum Ingots have officially given me the most money I have ever had in my one year of playing. Sad that most players have crossed the 1-million threshold before their 60s, while I've been struggling all this while to maintain 500k in my walletaru (which, by the way, is still a decent sum!). But as for now, I'm sitting on a very comfy 2.5 million gil, with another 1.6 million on its way thanks to this past KS30 run, where my own orb dropped a Damascene Cloth! ^^

I do, however, have a bit of a dilemma right now. I have enough money to purchase a Jupiter's Staff, which is going for quite cheap at the moment, at 1.15 million gil. However, I see little use for it, although I do not dispute the fact that I want it. Getting it at least starts me on my "quest" to get a complete set of HQ staves, not to mention that the price might very well go back up to the near 2-million mark. I feel that the money would be better saved on crafting though, and as such, decided to give it a pass, although I guess I could look at it as an investment. The sad thing is that writing this has made me want to go buy that staff now...but my 2.5 million gil just looks so purrrty! >_<

Ah, to have money...^^

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