04 April, 2005

Suzaku Falls, and trouble with a key. >_<

Not much to say about the past few days- hit BLM74 in a JP party up in Ro'Maeve that lasted six hours. Partying's getting harder and harder now as mobs start conning VT to me, so in addition to larger tnls (at 74, your total tnl is 43k ; ;), one also has to deal with lower xp gain/kill. Sure, you kill faster, and that's when you have BLM parties in King Ranperre's Tomb, or multi-Ranger parties, or moving parties, which are also a lot of fun, although they are hell on the mana pool. >_< There's also the option of leveling up in the Uleguerand Range, which I hear is very good from Onekomaru, so I'd like to try there someday...someday...

To be honest, I haven't been playing as much as I used to. THat's probably a lie since I'm stuck here at half past four in the morning trying to farm Tonberry Choppers for a key, but more on that later. We did successdully complete Dynamis-Windurst after very few people showed up, and even more people disconnected, so in the end, we had just 25 people in our Dynamis run. We still beat Dynamis-Windurst though. Go us! ^^

Anyway, I digress. The main event: Suzaku.

By now, I think I've more or less settled on Equilibrium as my {sky} LS. It's been two weeks, and I've barely heard a squeak from BBQ, so I'm assuming they're all settled as far as members go. That, and word has reached me that their recruitment method was changed under my nose and I wasn't informed without actually asking. It may be that my approach is wrong, but I figure since I can waltz between sky LS'es, and that I don't really need a sky LS per se, it is not my part to express interest in joining. The least people could've done was keep me informed without my having to grovel every 24 hours, because yes, I'm aware that gets annoying. Real. Quick.

So I've been semi-active in Equilibrium's sky activities. Actually, there've only been two events that I was aware of, and both times, I couldn't stay for the full duration. There was farming sky for the various items needed to spawn the Gods, and for a while, I was lost in the entangled web that is the Shrine of Ru'Avitau and the Ve'Lugannon Palace while names like "Mother Globe" and "Zip" were being tossed about. Yep, I was pretty much clueless, so I just tagged along.

That then led up to today's god event. I wished I could have stayed for longer, but I had things to attend to, and people showing up late so we didn't start until a full two hours after the scheduled time didn't help, either. In summary, Suzaku was my first "god" fight. Based on Fire, he will at some point activate Chainspell and go into a volley of various Fire-based spells, which include Firaga III, Fire IV and Flare. I was informed that our basic plan against his Chainspell was the standard approach:



...{Run away!}

There are, of course, problems when someone accidentally deals Suzaku damage while he is bound, but fortunately, we had that case covered. Other than that, all the fight really involved was me keeping my place in the Stun order, cutting off all -ga, IV and Ancient Magic spells, while spamming the various -IV spells as I had time for. As Kyubigokou put it, "there is no way you will get hate with IV spells." And after you see volley after volley of -IV spells hit for around 200 (or less!) damage, I'd agree with him, too. >_<

Later during the day, I tried to help Akanea out with his Samurai AF in the Temple of Uggalepih (coffer). I pity the Samurai. I thought the Garlaige Citadel coffer was bad enough- the Temple of Uggalepih is far worse! Getting the key itself isnt' too bad, other than the fact that you have to farm Tonberries, but actually finding the coffer is a whole new ball game. Put it this way: there are ten total spawn points. All ten of them are behind a wooden gate that you need to be visible in order to open, hence assuming you are pre-70, means you have to drop Invisible, open the gate, cross over and Invis up again, all without getting aggro from the two Tonberry in the area.

Once that is done, there are five coffer points that you can access, and all five are behind doors, which means that yes, you have to drop Invisible once again to open them, and there are Tonberries on both sides of the door, too. Basically, it is a very good idea to bring along a friend who is 70+ so he can open doors for you safely. But that's not all. Assuming the coffer was in none of those areas, it could be in one of three places behind a locked door, guarded by a Temple Guardian, which is a level 65 doll. I personally haven't tried solo'ing it because it seems to have a rather large amount of hit points, and I can't rest up MP for the Tonberries there will aggro me. (You can see how hard this would be for a SAM58, or whatever level they get their AF gloves).

Should the coffer not be in any of those three points, there are just two points left. Unfortunately, both points are behind locked doors. To get to one of them, you need a Uggalepih Key, found off Tonberry Cutters. To get to the other, you need a Prelate Key in addition to the Uggalepih Key. The alternate route would be to win a battle in the Sacrificial Chamber, but getting to the Chamber itself requires, well, four Unlit Lanterns, a paintbrush, etc. I don't really want to do _that_ again. >_<

Having searched the Temple numerous times, I had come to the safe conclusion that the coffer lay behind the double-locked doors. I have an Uggalepih Key- all that remains is getting a Prelate Key. And so, Chummy, Akanea and I set off to get ourselves a key. At first, we tried Tonberry Stabbers in the Temple of Uggalepih itself. However, trying to get to the Stabbers proved to be way too troublesome with all the surrounding aggro (even to me), and we were also endangering the other parties who were there (for the Thief's Knife NM, as I later found out). The Stabbers in the Temple aren't the only mobs that drop the key though- Tonberry Choppers on the outside ledges in the Yhoator Jungle also drop the key, and they are also considerably easier to both engage safely, and to kill.

Unfortunately, the drop rate leaves much to be desired. When we first set off on this, it was 10pm. I am now solo'ing the mobs (including all the other random Tonberry jobs) in an effort to try to get the key.

Two Gold Beastcoins.

Three Beastman's Seals.

Three Kindred's Seals.

Four Ninja's Testimonies.

Seven Hours.

ZERO Prelate Keys.

Thank goodness for the Windower-- at least I can type up this entry while waiting for my mana to regenerate. ^^ I think I'd go nuts otherwise.


I just died. ; ; Trying to get the killing Blizzard in, the Chopper readies Throat Stab. I can't interrupt my cast in time to Stun it, so get hit down to 53 HP, then the Chopper scores a successful hit for 61 damage, killing me before that last Blizzard resolves. Screw this, it's 5am. I'm going to sleep. >_<

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