18 April, 2005

Dynamis-Bastok Interloper

This past Wednesday, when Explorer went on to do Dynamis-Beaucedine, I couldn't join them because I was missing just one of the four basic Dynamis-- Dynamis-Bastok. For some strange reason, this one proved to be the most elusive. The first time we tried to do this, we don't know what happened, but we somehow managed to aggro the entire section of Bastok Mines leading up to the Alchemy Guild. Needless to say, we wiped twice and the hourglass ran out on us. >_< The next time we tried, my computer suddenly started crashing again, so I decided not to go, for fear of endangering the linkshell. As it turned out, they didn't manage to clear Dynamis-Bastok that time either, running out of time in the process.

This would be Explorer's third attempt (since my inception) at Dynamis-Bastok. >_<

Elmas had also been on a bit of a recuiting drive as of late, and our crew for Dynamis-Bastok resembled nothing of the scant 25 members that we took to successfully clear Dynamis-Windurst a while back. Granted, we did not have the full 64 players allowed in, but for Explorer, 42 people was plenty enough. ^^ That also meant that our entry fee was considerably cheaper than normal!
Dynamis-Bastok turned out to be a very frustrating experience, at least for me. I was under severe lag at the time, and wouldn't start casting my spells until a full three game minutes. The other BLMs didn't seem to have this problem, and they'd finish off the mob in their required five nukes or so, while I'd still be trying to cast Blizzard IV. As such, I was perpetually topped up in mana, which was quite embarrassing. >_< Anyway, we took our precautions this time, clearing out any mob that stood a chance at linking before attempting a run at the Alchemy Guild again. This time, things went smoothly, although I was reminded just how long that street really is. >_<

In terms of AF, our drops were insane. While no BLM AF dropped (/sigh), we had three Saotome Kotes (SAM AF2) drop during this run, and needless to say, we had some very happy Samurais. Heck, all of us doubted two would drop, yet alone three...

In the end, we beat the boss, which was in one ridiculously big (even for Elvaan standards) turtle, with a good hour or so to spare. How we managed to do so well on this run and not on earlier ones is beyond me, since I really don't think our increased numbers had much to do with that. We ended up getting all ten BLMs together and -ga farming the Bastok AH, which met with some accidents early on, but we managed to wipe out the whole place in two volleys of Thundaga III, tenfold. It was fun. ^^ (Too bad we only got one 1-Byne Bill and one Mythril Beastcoin from everything...>_<)

This -ga farming was all very well, at least, until we tried to clear the gate that leads to South Gustaberg. Unknown to us, five of the Quadav there are super-NMs, so we all Thundaga III, and...got mowed over in very quick order. >_< Ah well, it was still fun. ^^

Also kicked off the start of TrueRune's runs at Promyvions. To be honest, I was rather disappointed at the lack of a turnout, given how I was trying to let people know in advance of this. In the end, we only sent one party in. We managed to scale to the top without too much difficulty, and we sat outside the chamber to the final boss discussing plans and everything. We had what to do down to a 'T'. That is, until Enron and I both disconnected. >_<

When we got back, all six of us were lying face down on the ground, and boy, were we in a bind. Since we were capped at Level 30, we had no way to Raise ourselves, since I was lying face down as well, and we dreaded the thought of having to walk all the way back up here. Fortunately, as we were getting kicked out of the arena, who should just be about to enter, but some of the Equilibrium guys! ^^ Saved by them, I got a Raise, and then proceeded to Raise the rest of our party so we wouldn't have to make the climb all over again. Phew! ^^
Promyvion-Dem down, Dynamis-Bastok down...it's been a pretty productive day, I must say. ^^

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