20 April, 2005

I'm a Lumberjack, and I'm okay!

I’m a lumberjack, and I’m okay,
I sleep all night, I work all day...

Yep, today marks my foray into Woodworking, which as I mentioned in my last entry, will probably be my next craft to level alongside my other two main crafts, Smithing and Goldsmithing, both of which will probably take a while to level up. One's reliant upon waiting for plants to grow, so I can only skill that up once every two weeks or so, while the other is dependant on waiting for Darksteel Bolt Heads to sell. Given the droves of people who have flooded the market at the moment, that, could also take a while.

And so, I decided upon Woodworking, since it felt rather useful to have, that and assuming things get really bad, I will get to use my own Darksteel Bolt Heads from skiling up Smithing to complete the run to Woodworking 60. Of course, I very much doubt I'll hit Woodworking 60 before Smithing 60, but you never know. Gizzle claims he actually made a profit most of the way, and Mikejustice says he did 0-60 in around twelve hours of powerleveling. So, there. >_<

I was going to keep an account of how much things cost me, but realised that with Woodworking skilling up as fast as it would be, such a journal or an account would best be saved for my post-60 craft, which will be Goldsmithing, since that actually skills up slowly enough to write something about. Anyway, after literally emptying Bastok out of Wind Crystals, I headed over to the Woodworking Guild in San d'Oria to begin my new craft.

I was greeted with this:

Evidently, quite a lot of people need stuff from the guild. Elm Logs, perhaps? >_<

The early levels of Woodworking went like a breeze. It's strange to synth again at a stage where your crystal is worth your other materials multiple times over, although I have to admit, with my newly found wealth (not to mention newly found ways of making even more money), I was incredibly reckless at first. Normally, one would do Arrowwood Lumber to Level 2, then Maple Lumber to Level 5, then Ash Lumber to Level 8, before settling upon Willow Lumber to Level 13.
So I dutifully started upon that. 28 synths or so was all it took to get me to Woodworking 2. No problems there. I then started synthing Maple Lumber, before the guild inexplicably ran out at Woodworking 3. Undaunted, I ran downstairs to pick up Advanged Imagery support, then went ahead with Ash Lumber, before the guild closed for the day. When the guild reopened, I continued turning Ash Logs into Ash Lumber, until they too, ran out of stock. By this point, I was just Level 5.

I then ran down to get Advanced Imagery Support yet again, and started synthing Willow Lumber. Yep, that's an 8-level gap. Yep, the resale is practically non-existent. Did I break quite a bit? Yep. I didn't really want to wait an entire day just to get more Ash Lumber-- I wanted to synth, now! Such is the mindset of one spoilt by the cheap, cheap prices of a new crafts once you are used to the costs of Goldsmithing in the 50s. Ugh. Besides, even thought it was an 8-level gap, it was also Windsday, which helped me greatly. I didn't break all that much in the end, losing maybe 2000gil worth of (mostly crystals). Still, I must've dumped about 25k or so into Willow Lumber before Nappycat set me straight again, and gave me a much better synth to skillup on- Bloody Bolts. Stack of Ash Lumber costs 3k, handful of Bloody Bolt Heads go for 5.5k, the crystals cost another 1k for 9.5k total. That makes four stacks of Bloody Bolts which sell like Distilled Water in the middle of Altepa (okay, maybe not quite, but still...) at the Jeuno AH for 4.5k/stk. 8.5k profit and skill up at the same time? {Yes, please}!

However, if there's one thing Alchemy has taught me, it is the value of multiple crafts supporting one another. While Woodworking does not have as many cross-synths, there are obvious dependencies upon products made by the other crafts, the most obvious being Horn Arrowheads and Scorpion Arrowheads from Boneworking. On the flip side, part of Woodworking involves churning out lots of Maple Sugar, which I hear sells very slowly, even in Windurst. That being said, I can then use Maple Sugar to up my Cooking skills a little here and there, at least putting it to some use, rather than NPC'ing it. Thus, for maximum efficiency, I'll need to level up both Cooking and Boneworking. The former is not a problem, but the latter...

...well, we'll just see if I can bring myself to level up what seems to be the most disdained craft of all...>_<

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