28 April, 2005

Dynamis-Beaucedine Interloper

With the four basic Dynamis cleared, I was now able to join the rest of the Explorer crew (most of them, at least) on their next scheduled Dynamis-Beaucedine run, which just so happened to be today. ^^

I also decided to pick up an Aquilo's Staff and a Vulcan's Staff, adding to my collection of HQ staves. I'm quite pleased with them, actually. ^^

Anyway, I've heard all sorts of things about the ice Dynamis, in particular nightmare stories about Dynamis-Xarcabard. Hence, I was looking forward to a well-fought battle in Dynamis-Beaucedine. Of course, meeting up with the rest of the linkshell was already quite a journey, and I ended up taking the airship down to Windurst before Outpost teleporting over to Xarcabard and then walking through the Beaucedine stretch back to the Rangemont Pass zone where everybody else was waiting.

There were forty of us on this run.

To be honest, actually clearing the Dynamis-Beaucedine mobs wasn't all that difficult. We pretty much stuck to the same plan of pulling and killing all the way through, with the exception of handling the Orc NMs, since they are a Beastmaster job as well as whatever other job they happen to have. All we did then was make a ring around them and have Frisk tank the NM while everyone attacked with only nukes and ranged attacks. That way, only Frisk would be affected by Charmga. Simple, no?

In addition to that, while the Beaucedine Glacier zone is huge, the mob camps are spaced quite far apart, so we had a lot of running in between camps. I was actually put in the Sleepga party for the first time, and we never really had much problems, well, except for a rocky start when Kitsume accidentally stopped while pulling a Beastmaster mob and tits Scorpion pet cast Breakga, petrifying the entire party and then some. Oops.

I wanted to get my AF2 coat out of this run, since it looks pretty spiffy, and I wasn't really planning on buying my Igqira Weskit anytime soon. The stats on the Sorcerer's Coat is still nice though, and I certainly wouldn't protest against a BLM who had a coat over a Weskit.

Unfortunately, a whopping five Black Mages wanted the coat, but thankfully, I got placed second in line, since I had accumulated quite a sizeable number of points by now. Geo got first dibs, since he has points flowing out of his ears. >_<

Much to everybody's surprise, a Sorcerer's Coat dropped within the first ten minutes of us entering Dynamis-Beaucedine. ^^

Geo took the lot, and now I had to wait for another Sorcerer's Coat to drop (hah, like real) so I could lot on that one. The feeling of being close to your AF is quite...nice, I must say. Unfortunately, not a single piece of AF, BLM or otherwise dropped for the rest of Dynamis-Beaucedine, although two 100-pieces dropped, much to the delight of those who wanted them. Ah well. Guess there's always next time. ^^

We got to the final boss with a good fifty minutes or so to spare. I knew this boss was hard, but I didn't imagine things to be this difficult. The Mega Boss for the area is one Ahriman by the name of Angra Mainyu, who not only has insane resistances to both physical and magical damage, he also can cast Gravity-ga, Dispel-ga, Silence-ga, Death, Magic Barrier, and Warps around the Fei'Yin entrance to boot. That, and he also spawns four NM Dragons at the start of the battle, which are usually pulled all the way back to the Rangemont Pass.

I'm not too sure altogether why we don't engage the Angra Mainyu as the Dragons are being kited to the zone- instead, we waited for Kitsume to bring the dragons to the zone first, before engaging the Angra Mainyu.

My understanding of this is a little sketchy, but from what I gathered, it seems that the hate between the Angra Mainyu and the four dragons are somewhat linked. That is to say that if we were to prematurely engage the Angra Mainyu, the dragons would turn around and come back to its aid, hence the pulling over to the other end of the zone. And so, we were all set to go. Kitsume attacked the Angra Mainyu, and fled across the Beaucedine Glacier, dragons in tow. We all patiently waited for Kitsume to let us know when the dragons reached the zone line before going in to attack the Angra Mainyu.

Kitsume gives the signal. We move in and...


...the Angra Mainyu's not there?!

Turns out that someone was supposed to Bind the Angra Mainyu somehow so it wouldn't follow Kitsume (I think). Only Stev saw the Angra follow Kitsume to the Rangemont Pass, while Elmas was assuring us that the Angra would warp back to Fei'Yin where we could engage it. That didn't happen. >_<

Eventually, will all the confusion going on, things started to return. First, one of the dragons returned and we killed it, which is a rather fruitless effort since the Angra will simply resummon it within a minute or so. However, we just needed to buy the time to engage the Angra when it showed up, which thankfully, it did quickly.

This thing is a complete pain to kill. It basically goes on a routine of Gravity-ga'ing everybody, then Warping back to some place around the Fei'Yin zone, which means we have to quickly locate it and deal some semblance of damage before it warps again. All during this time, the dragons from earlier are busy making their way back to Fei'Yin, so we were on a clock, or so to speak.

It actually went down rather quickly compared to what I was expecting, although I guess it may be because we were spamming the heck out of it with Elemental Seal'ed nukes like Blizzaga III, Thundaga III and Thunder IV. Even so, it still took a while to kill it, and towards the end, the Angra Mainyu started spamming Death, and people were falling very quickly. I happened to be one of the "lucky" recipients of Death, so... >_<

Somehow or other, we managed to kill it before things got out of hand, and at the time of its death, many people at already fallen. We ended up Raising (1 ; ;) a lot of people, including myself in an effort to save time, since only seven minutes were left on the clock, and defeating Angra Mainyu does not grant a time extension, unlike the other Dynamis zones.

Unfortuantely, not everybody cleared Dynamis-Beaucedine. Our THFs- Kitsume and Mapper, had both trained the dragons over to the Rangemont Pass, and they couldn't get back to Fei'Yin in time to collect the ??? they needed in order to clear Dynamis-Beaucedine. They are, understandably upset about this, but I guess now that we know what not to do, hopefully our next run through this zone will let everybody clear.

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