07 April, 2005

Lost in Translation

I'm kinda down from today after messing up in what I thought was a good start. Today was Wednesday, which meant it was Dynamis time with the rest of the Explorer crew. As of late, there's been increased interest in Dynamis-Beaucedine, although as an LS, we lack the manpower to take on Beaucedine. Granted, I suspect our first attempt would probably be a rout regardless since we don't know what to expect, but oh well. Given that I've heard the {ice} Dynamis are much harder than the four basic Dynamis, I can understand why Elmas wants more members first before proceeding.

Hence, Elmas started an open recruitment of members (or so it seemed), and as a result, we had quite a few new faces join us today. Lothar, from Equilibrium joined on this particular day, and given that Starfox can't make it on Wednesdays due to work, I was appointed unofficial translator for a short bit. It wasn't much, but I felt warm and fuzzy. I like warm and fuzzy. ^^

Anyway, we went on with Dynamis-San d'Oria. There isn't much to say that hasn't already been mentioned, except for the oddball occurance here and there. I didn't know that the trigger NMs here had two main jobs, one of which is BST, so when we got to one NM down by the Chocobo Stables, I was in the middle of an Elemental Seal-ed Thundaga III when the NM then used Fanatical Dance.
Otherwise known as Charmga. ^^

And so, I was charmed for the very first time. It was actually quite funny- I ended up trying to twack Lothar around a bit with my Staff (thank goodness they don't make you cast spells), and later on when my Charm fell off, I had Frisk coming after me interrupting my spells until I finally managed to resolve a Sleep on him after a little bit of {/slap}ping. Unfortunately, at the same time we were Charmed, the NM also summoned Leviathan and used Astral Flow, so pretty much the entire linkshell died at that point. Eventually, Charmed fell off the people still alive, who then went about trying to kill the NM. We were very close- actually just one nuke short, but I was positioned in a way such that Leviathan stood between the NM and I, so I couldn't F8 to the NM, and I couldn't Tab through all the dead bodies in time to cast a nuke before the NM was upon me and sent me eating stone floor. Oh well. I felt really bad after that since we had to fight the NM again as a result of my not nuking... /sigh.

We ended up wiping out again when another pull went awry and we had just too many things to deal with. The second wipeout now made running out of time a real possibility, and so, after getitng the obligatory Raises and everything done, Kitsume went off to pull a time extension boss, as opposed to the {Mega Boss} of Dynamis-San d'Oria. It worked. Barely. We killed the time extension NM with just two minutes left in the perpetual hourglass, and with an extra ten minutes bought, we easily dispatched the final boss of the area without further ado. Actually, I don't recall us ever killing the final boss that quickly before. Hrrm...

Anyway, onto the title. Once we had all returned to San d'Oria proper, chatter was once again abound. Somewhere in the middle of all the "Otsukaresama"s, the following line popped up:


Well, maybe not quite like that, since I haven't figured out how to input Japanese characters into this webbie just yet, but you get the idea. Kitsume was naturally curious as to what was being said about her, and basically asked "What does it say? I can't read ; ;". I jokingly replied "heh, you don't want to read that. ^^"

That turned out to be a mistake. Kitsume thought she did something wrong, and was now pressing me for answers. For those who do not understand Japanese, this was my interpretation at the point: "'Kitsume' 'Main puller' 'because' (something) w." The problem was what the "something" meant. I've only seen it in a few cases where the speaker seemed to be in disagreement with something, but when I tried looking it up in the dictionary, I didn't get anything that would help. My current understanding is that it's something like "oops" (and Starfox, you're free to correct me on this- I need to know for sure >_<), but the "w" at the end led me to believe that Elmas was joking about the situation at the end, when Kitsume was pulling to beat the clock (because we were in fact under quite short on time. :P)

So basically, I gave Kitsume a general answer, saying something along the lines of no big deal, or "nothing serious."

One hour later, I get a very unhappy Kitsume sending me a {/tell}, saying "You are bad translator." Further inquiry then tells me that it was actually quite serious, in fact, it seemed that Elmas was unhappy with Kitsume's pulling, and as such, Kitsume will no longer be our puller.

I was rather shocked at this. While granted, Kitsume is not perfect both in personality and as a puller, she certainly tries. Our previous run which had just a scant 25 people showed Kitsume's nasty side, with her yelling at the poor new (and only) WHM who was lost and couldn't do what Kitsume wanted quickly enough. As a result, Kitsume hp'ed multiple times on that Dynamis run in the interest of completing Dynamis within the alloted time. As far as I am concerned, she is dedicated to what she does- after all, she has no need to clear Dynamis-Windurst, and could easily wait things out and lose just 1 or 2k xp as opposed to the 11k she lost over the course of that run. Those sacrifices were made so that the linkshell could clear Dynamis-Windurst, and the new members could get one Dynamis closer to Beaucedine. As a result, we managed to beat Dynamis-Windurst with the fewest number of participants I've ever heard of. Thus, I was very surprised to hear that Elmas was upset at Kitsume after our Dynamis-San d'Oria run.

{/sigh} I don't know what to do now...I should've just kept quiet. So many problems both this, and previous ones could've been avoided if I had just remained silent instead of saying/asking something...

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