25 April, 2005

Seventy. Five.^^

It is finally over.

Joined in a BLM party down in King Ranperre's Tomb for what must've felt like the umpteenth time. They say every journey must have an end, and after burning through everything in King Ranperre's Tomb (quite literally), I get the following:

Yep. One year and twenty-three days from when I first set foot into Vana'diel, I am now finally Level 75. ^^

It feels really good to have finally dinged the level cap, with me slowly counting down the tnls in /linkshell chat, with the rest of the TrueRune guys /cheer-ing me on. It was great fun. ^^ Of course, there're still merit points and stuff like that to worry about eventually, although I don't think I'm all that interested in completing my merits. To me, actually hitting Level 75 was the more important issue at hand.

Of course, now that I have hit Level 75, there's the question of now what to do. Perhaps I can divert my attention towards other pursuits, both in-game and outside. I'd hesitate to call this "The End", but who knows? ^^

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