24 April, 2005

22 people? No problem!

The plan for today was simple. Hop onto Explorer and finish up a Dynamis-Jeuno run, then pop back to TrueRune to get Promyvion-Mea done.

Unfortunately, it just so happened that the servers inexplicably went down, and as a result, emergency maintenance had to be performed, which lasted about three hours. >_< That threw all that timing to whack, and I logged back on as soon as I found out that the servers were back up, trying to figure out what to do from here.

First stop was the Dynamis linkshell. By the time I logged on, quite a few people were also there, and people were talking about going ahead with our Dynamis-Jeuno run anyway. The problem was that we were drastically short on people. Sure, we were the linkshell that cleared Dynamis-Windurst with just a scant 25 members, but we were definitely in the low 20s on this one. Still, we went ahead as more people slowly came back online.

The final head count for the run was just 22. (Thankfully, the run was sponsored, so we didn't have to pay 46k each ^^)

Well, suffice it to say, we might've been small, but we sure managed to pull things together. To be honest, it didn't really feel like there were just twenty-two of us all alone in Dynamis-Jeuno. We were still pulling and killing pretty much at a reasonable rate, and while we nearly ran out of time (probably because while it didn't feel like it, the kills must've certainly been slower), we were rewarded with this, emphasis on the highlighted parts:

The ??? basically says we beat the final boss of the area, and the search result shows all 22 of us who participated. Actually, the search result only turned up 21 names, since Kitsume did a suicide pull on the {Mega Boss}, and then dropped her hourglass to get booted from Dynamis, hence the one name short. I like small Dynamis LS'es. ^^

Tried getting my Sorcerer's Sabots today, which Stev assures me is the best BLM AF2 piece, and I had accumulated enough points to be the second in line in terms of drops. Unfortunately, not a single piece of BLM AF2 dropped that day, although two WAR AF2s did.../fume.

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