08 January, 2005

Cloud Breaker!

Yep, I finally got around to completing it. Genkai 4, otherwise known as the easiest Genkai there is, and for good reason, too. No mobs to fight, no Sneaking around the place, no chance of death (unless you happen to be really, really unlucky). Just locating, and finding 4 NPCs that match certain descriptions, and trading them one of the many Kindred Seals you have picked up along the way and haven't used, since Kindred BCNMs are best done with 70+, and it's kinda hard to be 70+ without first completing this quest. ^^

My four "clues" as to who these people were as follows:

1) A Galka child who is great at hiding.
2) The smartest looking Mithra child.
3) A girl who is positive robes and bronze subligaria are the latest fashion.
4) A young man looking for a job where they’re not too rough with him.

Many, many thanks to the internet later, I eventually got around to handing over four of my Kindred Seals over to these people, taking a tour of Vana'diel in the meantime. 'Course, it was a good way to pass the time while waiting for Darksday to roll around. (Full Moon...Mmmm...^^)

Which brings me onto my next major accomplishment for the day: Smithing 45! Yep, I decided to bite the bullet and just powerlevel through those last few stages of Iron Subligars to the magical level 45, where I can feasibly start Darksteel Ingots (Profit? {Yes, please.}). Well, it wasn't really powerleveling, since I would've spent pretty much the exact same amount, but you get the idea. I bought up two stacks of the requisite materials, and come Darksday, Full Moon, I sat down and started synthing. It didn't even take that long, and I actually overestimated how much I needed to get those last levels. As a result, I'm stuck with half a stack of Iron Sheets, Lizard Skins, and Cotton Cloth, but that's of little worry. After all, I'm Smithing 45! ^^

And so came Firesday, Full Moon. Equipped with the power of Firesday, a powerful Fire Moghancement, and a Fire Staff (just a casual observation of mine- my elemental staves seem to affect the success rates of my synths), I was getting some very nice skillups with Darksteel Ingots. It feels so good to be making profit again, really. Oddly enough, Darksteel Ores have shot up in price, and are now a steady 8k each! That's as expensive as a Gold Ore! Fortunately, the price of a Darksteel Ingot has similarly risen in price, so I'm not one to complain there. Thank goodness Darksteel Ingots use 3 Iron Ores though- I failed twice, and lost a grand total of 3 Iron Ores. Had the synth been 4x Darksteel Ores...

So that's where I am now. Smithing 45.7, and waiting for the next Fires/Ice/Lightsday where I'll be awake, and where there's plenty of materials in stock. I should probably go back to mining Oldton for my Iron Ores, and pick up the occasional Platinum Ore for my Goldsmithing, once I finally reach that confounded level. Just 1.4 skill levels to go...

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