26 January, 2005


Thanks to my computer still crashing, I've been unable to xp. At least there's always crafting. ^^ Smithing's slowed down now I'm approaching the Darksteel Ingot cap, and I don't really have much plans to take it past 52, although I'll probably end up working towards Smithing 60 just for completeness' sake. But by far the more important progress was something else.

Watersday, Waning Gibbous. Two Combat Caster's Boomerangs on the AH. (Turns out Wyred was pumping Boomerangs into the market to fund something of his)

Rabao. Four Mythril Earrings and many Lightning Crystals later, I have two Mythril Ingots.

My Mog House. Fire Crystal. Watersday. Tried synthing a Combat Caster's Boomerang +1, and lo and behold, it finally happened:

Tuufless’s goldsmithing skill rises 0.1 points.
Tuufless’s goldsmithing skill reaches level 54.

For the record, it's been just over two months and two weeks since I hit Goldsmithing 50. At this rate, goodness knows when I'll finally reach my goal of attaining Goldsmithing 100. But I'll worry about that later. ^^

I was going to craft up the second Combat Caster's Boomerang, but the computer crashed. Too lazy to log back in again. Too content to do so as well. ^^


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