20 January, 2005

Heir to the Great Earth (and other happenings)

The problem with writing an entry in the middle of the day is that the stuff that happens afterwards gets added onto the next day's entry. As such, I'm more or less covering two days here, starting from where I left off yesterday afternoon. Quite a bit has been happening, so here goes: ^^

As the title suggests, yep, I now have Titan to add to my collection of summons. After writing yesterday's entry, I logged back onto FF after a bit of a break doing other things, just to see what else I could do other than party. As it turns out, someone was /shout-ing for people willing to go on a Titan run. Of course, I leapt at the chance- after all, I've been burnt out of the usual xp grind, and really needed a change of pace. A good 'ol BCNM-style summon fight would be a good way to go about fixing things. ^^ Furthermore, friends have told me that Titan is also one of the easier summons out there, so I was pretty relaxed about the whole thing.
The obligatory screenshot at the Cloister of Tremors, as per what the other summon battles have been like:

The levels of our party were all over the place, from RDM58 to WHM75 and RNG75. Fortunately, the reports were correct- Titan WAS indeed easy, in fact, compared to Garuda, this was a walk in the park blindfolded. No ridiculously high evasion, no massive self-healing, heck, even his 2hr did pittance in comparison to what I had seen before. All this time though, I was quietly mashing my Aero II macro (first time as a BLM!) before going into the good 'ol Aero III -> Aeroga II to finish Titan off.

And then the screenie of me and my newly acquired summon: ^^

Moving on, that was not all that happened, oh no...there was questing! And NM camping! And the Best Party Setup Ever! (those of you who read this should know what I'm referring to.) I was randomly walking around town when Ladyrikku from the Doom LS messaged me asking if I wanted to go do the quest for the Attohwa Chasm map. Given that I'm quite the sucker when it comes to maps (I can't stand not knowing where I'm going), I agreed. The mission involved travelling down to Bibiki Bay, then from there, taking a Manaclipper (a boat) over to the Purgonurgo Isle (and I'm sure I spelt that wrong) to confront somebody about the ownership of the island.

While the ownership may have been in dispute, the fact that the island was just gorgeous was certainly not. The island was like your typical tropical getaway island- clear seas, white shining sands, palm trees, and the rest of the works. We had to walk all the way to the center of the isle (not a hard task when all the mobs con Too Weak to you) and confront something. This "something" turned out to be five NM black Mangragoras, none of which were particularly difficult. The initial plan was to have Evasama (another BLM) and I Sleepga them, then kill them one at a time, but it soon degenerated down to Evasama and I nuking -ga spells to kill them off instead.

I still haven't completed the quest yet though- it seems that there's a second part to it- to locate a Mithran tracker in the Attohwa Chasm, and goodness knows when the next time I'll pop down there will be. >_<

Next up on the agenda was camping Wyvernpoacher Drachlox for Gluey. Like, Mysticmaker Profblix, Wyvernpoacher drops a very desirable item for a certain job (in this case, RNG), that is RA/EX. Mysticmaker dropped the Moldavite Earring, while Wyvernpoacher drops the Othnius' Bow, arguably the best crossbow in the game. Both goblins seem to spawn on similar conditions, with a two hour repop time, although Wyvernpoacher is also based off a lottery pop off Goblin Mercenaries. So Glue, his LS mate, Yasu, and I head down to the Gustav Tunnel to try and camp the goblin, who happens to spawn very close to where the Level 58s xp off Robber Crabs and assorted Goblins.

When we get there, we find two parties there, killing things. It didn't strike us immediately, but one of the parties was actually camping Wyvernpoacher as well, although from their level and jobs, they could've very well passed off as a rather unusual xp party. 59-62 with two NIN tanks? Erm... Glue, I, and Ladyrikkyu (who came to join in the fun) were busy scratching our heads when Wyvernpoacher popped. The other party got the claim, and we all ran over. Despite Gluey saying out loud, {Leave}, they continued to fight while we just stood there watching. Suffice it to say, they were not prepared for the fight, and almost pull out a win before the entire party dies with a sliver of health remaining on Wyvernpoacher. In the meantime, Gluey, Ladyrikku and I are busy preoccupied with a Robber Crab that happened to spawn while the other party was fighting Wyvernpoacher, and if things were dicey enough already, another Goblin Mercenary decided to pop right where all the action was happening.

As soon as Wyvernpoacher's name turned white again, we took over and tried to kill it. Yasu came to the rescue, charming the Robber Crab we were fighting, but alas, the Goblin Mercenary takes out both Ladyrikku and I. Thankfully though, nobody actually engaged it, so Gluey managed to avoid the aggro altogether and just focus on Wyvernpoacher. It was a close fight, with Gluey emerging victorius at a whole 51 health with dead bodies littered all over the ground. And yes, we got the Othnius' Bow. ^^ So far, that makes me 1/1 on Myticmaker Profblix, and 1/1 on Wyvernpoacher Drachlox- not a bad record, eh? ^^

Unfortunately, I detest camping, so I don't think this'll be an activity I'll be taking much interest in. >_<

Finally, it's onto the Black Mage party. I won't go into much details here, since the insanity of putting five Black Mages together with a Bard to fuel the fire is well known. In about two hours worth of partying, we racked up about 14k xp points, or about 7k/hr. Heck, I even died twice with no Raise II, and that didn't hurt all that much, either! However, for some reason, it was really hard to actually put this party together, despite the fact that we had plenty of Black Mages seeking. The problem, as usual, lay with trying to find a Bard. It got so frustrating that I was briefly considering leveling up a Bard, simply because so many parties are dependant upon having a Bard in the party, in particular, both "uber" parties- the 5x BLM party, and the 3x RNG party. Eventually though, I managed to grab a Bard through sheer luck, and after sending a few /tells to seeking Black Mages, we were off!

What was surprising was that despite being this far into the game with a Black Mage, two of the members had never been in a BLM party before. Needless to say, they were fitting in very well after the initial "getting-used-to-this" session, and we were chaining off Steelshells and Skimmers like it was second nature. It was certainly a very nice, refreshing break from the same old regular-style parties (no offense to them, of course ^^) and I feel like I can go back to playing BLM with a somewhat renewed vigour. Anyway, for those who are curious what things look like…

I'm about 2/3rds of the way through Level 63 now- time to start working on my RDM sub...gotta have that Dispel! ^^

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