31 December, 2004

Prelude of White and Black

Before I begin, a little aside on the recent events in the real world. I'm sure a good many of you have read about the tsunami that was wrecking havoc all over South East Asia, which just so happened to coincide with my return back to this end of the planet. For shame, I myself wasn't aware of this until much later (you can tell I don't read the news very often), and am now intertwining meeting up with friends here, and calling up relatives/friends/friends of relatives to try and figure out who's okay. So far, so good. I guess we just got lucky on that. So, without further ado, in lieu of the disastrous events happening here, I send my condolences and support out to those affected. Now to try and figure out how to donate to the recovery while handling a case of the flu and a splitting headache.

So, back to Vana'diel.

As some of you may have noticed, my computer's device drivers have been crashing, and as long as my FF installation CDs are here with me in Singapore, and the CDs I need to reinstall the drivers are in the United States, chances are, I probably won't be able to get any consistent FF-ing done whilst I'm here. I've already crashed too many times, and personally, I'd rather not do anything while I'd cause massive inconveniences to others. Among others, the drivers have already made a right mess of a Leviathan excursion, crashed multiple parties, including one where I crashed every single fight, not to mention all the times I log in to find myself dumped in Port Jeuno while trying to head to Bastok. In the meantime, I've been sneaking in what I can over at Ben (Glueforever's) house, as his RNG charges onwards to try and use his newfound E. Bow. ^^

Eventually, Gluey and I sat down for an xp party that finally got me my goal over the past three months- Black Mage 60. ^^

I now have a full set of both BLM AF and WHM AF with me, and with that, it's time to move onto other things. I've been giving what to do next a little bit of thought, actually. It seems that I might just make BLM my main, and take that up to 75, although I'd first want to level RDM up a bit. For now though, I'll try to get some sort of buffer going on my BLM so I can safely sell my Seer's Crown +1 (which, by the way, has served me VERY well over this period). Anyway, here's a picture of me relishing my new hat:

Just where all my hair goes in that hat is still a mystery to me...

Still, the question of what to do next looms over my head. I have some minor accomplishments, such as acquiring my Water Staff (very useful now I level up on Raptors pretty often), but in the greater scheme of things, I'm still uncertain. I guess, assuming I want to take BLM all the way to 75, I'll have to level up RDM first. However, I get the feeling that as soon as I level up RDM to any decent level (read: 37), I'll want to take it all the way to 60, and get my 3rd set of AF, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just...Traktor and Railston are already getting rather impatient for me to catch up with them for our BLM "static"...Traktor's 65 now tho, and trying to rush 155k xp to catch up with him isn't the most exciting thing in the world. Then there's SMN37, although I think I'll get my avatars first. Guess I won't be leveling up WHM anytime soon. ; ; I wonder just what Tuuf's calling is...

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