21 January, 2005

Crafting again. ^^

Actually, I'm not too sure what to call this entry. The important part is simple enough, really- I decided to buy a Combat Caster's Boomerang via Conquest Points, and tried making the +1 version on Watersday.

Not only did I succeed the synth, but more importantly, I got a nice +0.2 to my Goldsmithing! :D

Some of you may be wondering why I'm so ecstatic about a piddly +0.2 skillup. Simply put, crafting post 50 has a very noticable decrease in the number of skillups, and in addition to that, Goldsmithing is by far the most expensive craft out there. Take this as a comparison- the materials needed to make a Gold Ingot at Goldsmithing 50 cost about 32k. In comparison, the materials for a Darksteel Ingot at Smithing 50 (Smithing's reputedly the second most expensive craft) cost a mere 11k.

In fact, Goldsmithing is so expensive, that if I hadn't stumbled across my current skillup recipe of a Combat Caster's Boomerang +1, I'd probably still be at Goldsmithing 52. Then again, I'm sure I've mentioned all this before, but what the heck. ^^ Other than that though, I was also crafting up a bunch of Darksteel Ingots after I noticed the price of Darksteel Ores in Bastok had reset to somewhat sane prices, and at the time of writing, I am now Smithing 50.4...just over one and a half more skill levels to go...

Partied with Gluey again this morning in the Boyahda Tree for a very, very long time. I think we played for about 6-7 hours straight, since I know I didn't eat breakfast that day, and by the time we finished, my stomach felt like it was about to implode. >_< On the plus side, I ding'ed BLM64, and now I get to cast both Blizzard III, and my Erase once again!

What I'm going to do from here on though is still up in the air. I'm tempted to just finish that one level and hit BLM65 so I can at least join Gluey's sky LS. On the other hand, I would like to level up my Red Mage, at least as a viable sub (Dispel at BLM64/RDM32), although knowing me, I'll probably end up taking RDM up to 60 just for kicks. The other problem with leveling up BLM is having to save up for an Elemental Torque, and somehow getting my hands on a Penitent's Rope, which I'm starting to want more and more...


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