30 January, 2005

Heir to the Great Thunder and Fire (and Ice)

It's been a while. I've sinced moved back to the United States, and am now trying to fight jet lag before my classes begin. At least FF is going a pretty good job keeping me awake, unfortunately, at the wrong times. ; ;

I've been trying to level up my Red Mage more as of late. My White Mage is stuck in a pseudo-static with some friends online, and my Black Mage is stuck until I get my paws on an Elemental Torque. Of course, I could spend my time mining, and actually, y'know, make gil, but that's not my kind of thing any more. I don't know why, but mining seems to have lost its appeal as of late. Then again, it could just be me. I've friends telling me I should go into HNM, but I'm rather reserved about joining an HNMLS, since from what I hear, drama's aplenty, and I'd like to actually try to find an LS that's pleasant- I hate enemies. >_<

Anyway, I was seeking with my RDM up in Kazham earlier, when Vengesim and Redherr (two friends from my Windy missions) ran past, and asked if I was up for fighting Ifrit. Of course, I agreed, and switched over to my White Mage to head down to Ifrit's Cauldron and the Cloister of Flames.

It's funny coming back to Ifrit's Cauldron after all this time. The Bombs no longer con Incredibly Tough to me (although they'll still kill me ; ;) and for some strange reason, I don't feel all that threatened by the place anymore. Of course, we had the obligatory death en route to the Cloister, when one of the BSTs failed to Charm a creature to fend off an attacking Bomb, but Raise II fixes pretty much everything. ^^

I've heard Ifrit's easy, and to be honest, he wasn't that much of a challenge at all. Not as easy as Titan, (Titan's laughable) and we did get the obligatory death from Hellfire (1600+ damage on Redherr, ouch!), but there was nothing really to be alarmed at. Part of this may be because the avatars who are supposedly "harder" are the ones who are able to cure themselves, namely Garuda and Leviathan (and Garuda was a pain), but without some curative skills, the avatars just go down too quickly. Especially when you have level 70s after you.

As it turned out, Ifrit wasn't enough to settle things, and we wanted more. So off to the Boyahda Tree it was. ^^ Had a little bit of a hiccup when someone had to stop by Mhaura to pick up the tuning fork, but we managed to make it to the Cloister of Storms without much of a hitch (although people somehow, did get lost in the Boyahda Tree...)

Ramuh kind of breaks the rule about non-healing avatars being easy. Well, not quite. Compared to Garuda, Ramuh was still a piece of cake, but he has other abilities that make fighting him a pain. Thunderspark, for example is an AoE Paralyze, and I unfortunately got hit by it when I ran up to Ramuh so I could cast Barthundra on everybody. The end result was that I was spending the next few moments trying (and failing) to Paralyna myself, and unfortunately, Barthundra wore off, and Ramuh 2hr'ed. ; ;

At least only one person died. >_<

It's a bit hard trying to keep track of who's Paralyzed though, since his Paralyze attack does not say who got hit in the text box, so I resorted to watching lines of "so-and-so is paralyzed" before Paralyna-ing them.

After beating Ramuh, we headed back to Mhaura to collect our rewards, and then started discussing what we could do next. Redherr had to leave since by now, it was past two in the morning, but the others wanted just one more fight. I suggested Leviathan, since it's the hardest to get to (and is the one I'm missing), but we decided to leave Leviathan to the next day. In the end, we grabbed a Chinese NIN70 gilfarmer and headed off for Shiva since it was Firesday. Fighting Shiva also marked the beginning of my whispers collection, en route to fighting Fenrir. ^^

The conversation with the gilseller was funny though. According to Anora, the conversation went something like this:

Anora: Are you Chinese?
Wadian: Yes. Where you from?
Anora: USA ^^
Wadian: Cool, but I am gil seller. ^^

I didn't mind him too much, and he only came down for fun, or so he said, so it was easy to ignore the fact that he sells gil online.

So we fought Shiva, and once again, somebody died! >_<

For some reason, avatars have this recent knack for using AoE effects whenever I'm about to run up and reapply the appropriate Bar-spell. In our case, Shiva cast Sleepga just as I was trying to run away after casting Barblizzara, and unfortunately, caught all of us in the midst. ; ;
She then used Diamond Dust, and Serephia died. ; ;

At least it was Firesday, so other than poor Serephia, the rest of us managed to escape unscathed. I have to say though, after fighting all the other avatars, I'm still not sure which is more majestic- Shiva, or Garuda. I'm inclined to believe Shiva, but there's something that doesn't quite feel right. Oh well. Might have something to do with me leeching her off when I first got her. ^^

Anyway, we all decided to disband at this point. I now have my first whisper to keep, and we plan on meeting again tomorrow to get some work done on getting Fenrir! That, and for some reason, I forgot to take the usual screenies of me summoning my new avatars...grrrr...

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