17 January, 2005


Sometime tonight, in an Attohwa Chasm party that wasn't terribly memorable (in the sense that it was only so-so), I dinged 63 on my Black Mage.

Once again, the ever-familiar string of {Congratulations!} and {Congratulations!}-variants flew across the bottom of the screen as I proudly activated my scroll of Stonega III which I had oh-so-conveniently acquired from that party in the Quicksand Caves not too long ago.

Dinging to BLM63 also meant that now, Tuuf's BLM had finally caught up with her WHM. Suffice to say, it was time to make a decision.

I miss WHM. I really do. I can't quite pin down just what it is about the job that I like, so I guess it's the overall feel. I'm sure people out there will think I'm insane thinking WHM is a job to like, or even find fun, but I can't exactly change those peoples' viewpoints. Sure, sometimes you get the WHM RDM NIN parties where you are basically twiddling your thumbs. Other times, you get into those areas where only a WHM can bring the party through, like cockatrice in Cape Terrigan. It's nice to use the awesome power that is Cure V, which really seems to be a spell only fellow WHMs can truly appreciate. I've barely even had time to cast my newly-learnt Protectra IV since dinging WHM63 in the Labyrinth of Onzozo some time back. Even though way, way back then when Tuuf first set foot in Windurst Waters, she was a BLM, I've since considered Tuuf to be always a WHM by heart. Like I said, I just don't know why. There's something about your first real job, the one that you set out to do from scratch, and level up, discovering new things along the way. All I've been doing as BLM is pretty much recalling everything I did as WHM and rinse-lather-repeat. I imagine when the time comes to level up another job, it'll be the same deal all over again. So, yea, I have a soft spot for WHM. Not to mention that I look soooo cute in WHM AF. ^^

But people don't need WHM. Do they?

If there's anything these last few levels as BLM has taught me, you really don't need a WHM all that much. Sure, you could get a RDM or SMN to main heal, but throwing out Cures is something everyone can do, and for the most part, the mages can always sub WHM and split the non-Stona status effects. More importantly, WHMs don't contribute to a party's damage output, which in a party that starts out as WHM BRD PLD, you'd better have RNG RNG BLM as your last three members, or you could be looking at some loooong fights. Sure, losing Raise II hurts, but when you're killing so fast, the extra hit can always be handled. Besides, there's always the kindhearted other WHM that'll probably Raise II you. (It seems that I have a bit of a reputation as WHM, so other "fellow" WHMs usually don't hesitate to give me a Raise II. ^^)

Gluey's asked me if I was interested in joining his {sky} LS, which I've been interested in for a bit, really. They're looking to recruit BLMs, or so he says, which is fine by me. I'm just not sure if this is something I'll like in the end. Put it this way, my BLM and WHM have their major goal completed- full AF. The question of "Now what?" looms pretty much right in front of my nose with neon lights glaring. The end-game? I suppose a few HNM hunts would be fun. A dedicated LS to hunting would also be nice for my summons and Raise III, should the time come. In other applications, it'd be a very good place to practice my Japanese- party related talk isn't exactly the most varied of conversations, and only really strays to where I'm from.

But I'll need BLM65 for that. /sigh. What to do?

(On another note, with Stonega III under my belt, all the Toramas in the Labyrinth shall learn PH34R! ^^)

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