13 January, 2005

And the collection's complete! ^^

Wow, does time fly...I guess it's easy to get caught up with things, but it certainly didn't feel like 4 days since my last entry. Glue and I have been leveling up together in a static party of sorts, duo-ing as damage-dealers for hire to all who would need us. Course, we've only really set out for like, one or two parties together, but both times, the sheer amount of damage we do is just ridiculous. Part of that might be because we (for some reason) keep getting a second Ranger into the mix, leaving behind some very frustrated Ninjas, and some er, happy Paladins?

Then again, the problem with this set is that my computer is still the berwonkers (yes, I made that up) when it comes to actually staying online without overheating and crashing. Enron says it might be a power supply issue, which is certainly possible from what I've been reading, and for now, elevating the computer up about half an inch seems to ease things a bit. Because of that, Glue could party while I was busy struggling trying just to stay online, not daring to party in the meantime. So, as for today, while Glue's caught up in that alternate world we usually refer to as "real life", I decided I'd catch up with him. My first party went just fine- chaining Toramas in the Labyrinth of Onzozo despite not having a White Mage- the SMN and I ended up splitting -na duties, depending on whoever wasn't midcast. My second attempt at a party, on the other hand, left much to be desired. I have never seen a party member die three times before the first chain was even completed.

I'm sorry, but at Level 61-62, if you cannot get to the Valley of Sorrows by yourself in one piece, then, okay, maybe there was an accident. Not only did he go to the wrong zone (despite my saying "north entrance"), he also died again en route to said north entrance, and then died once more when he pulled a link, by which time he had about enough, and got really angry at the Ninja and Samurai for not provoking both mobs off him. Too bad the Ninja didn't understand what he was saying, since he was Japanese. In the end, he and his WHM friend just left in a huff, and that was that. Talk about leaving a good impression for people...now if only I could remember their names so I can add them to my mental list of people who didn't get into my "OK" book.

In terms of crafting, Goldsmithing is starting to look bleak. Not only is it really, really hard to get skillups, but the so-called "golden time" where I synth Platinum Ingots for profit has now degenerated into Platinum Ingots for a small loss assuming I succeed. I'm getting Gold Nugget nightmares again. Seriously, it's been a very long time since I could last skillup on Ingots and make profit. Unlike, say, Darksteel Ingots. ^^ Contrary to Goldsmithing, Smithing's been doing great! I am now 47.9 after churning out lots of Darksteel Ingots, and after selling 18 Ingots, for about 3k profit each, along with other assorted crafts, I finally have some semblance of a sizable walletaru. ^^ Of course, that means I just spent it, which gives rise to the title above.

Yep, the "collection" refers to those infamous elemental staves all mages are supposed to get. I just used my newfound wealth to purchase the last two Staves I need for my set- an Earth Staff and a Wind Staff, and with that, the full set is complete! :D (Now to start working on the HQ versions.../groan). But until then, I'm just going to sit back, and look at my collection. They do look pretty spiffy sitting there in my inventory...^^

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