15 January, 2005

To companions lost.

This entry's going to be a little bit different from the norm, simply because, well, not a whole lot happened. Sure, I got the obligatory xp party with Glue in there somewhere, working on Cockatrice in Cape Terrigan. I could spell out in more detail how Glue, at RNG61 was missing Sidewinders with Sharpshots left, right, and center, and how we wandered around Cape Terrigan for 40 minutes trying to find an xp spot after our initial choice of camp had two other parties already there. I could tell you all about today, where I couldn't do anything because I didn't want to party because of the computer, and I couldn't craft because the AHs were all out of Iron Ore. I could tell you about how I ran all over Vana'diel to get my map of Fei'Yin, and started signing up for Ballista. But that's all besides the point.

Sometime during that aforementioned party in Cape Terrigan, Shortee sent me a /tell.

I guess a little bit of an introduction is in order here. Shortee is a BRD friend of mine, who I partied with around my BLM54 days in Kuftal. Since then, Shortee and I had only partied together one other time, when I had made my first BLM party, and needless to say, he liked this newfangled BLM thing. But things started to wear out on him, and he eventually bounced around other jobs, trying them out, at least, to the best of my knowledge. Last I knew, he had this sudden urge to level up a Summoner, but that too, is besides the point.

Anyway, Shortee sent me a /tell saying that he was going to quit FFXI and move onto World of Warcraft. I can't blame him, really. Warcraft really does look like a good game, and FFXI is starting to get a little old. It's been what, two years since the Japanese release? Even the Japanese players are starting to rotate out. It's almost as if every day, somebody well known in the FFXI community decides to leave the game for good. Of course, there will come a time when I have to hang up the wand (no wait, I use Staves now ^^) and call it a job well done and done. It's still sad when somebody leaves. So many people have left in my time, just recollecting their names bring back memories. My first "static partner," Kenjuurou. The rest of the Doom (my first LS) crowd: Apocalypse, Sollanon, Shikari, Kristara, Crixis, Lorec. Elowen. Accolade. I'm sure I've forgotten a few more. And now, Shortee.

I really wonder when my time will come.

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