10 August, 2005

Barely 18 Mithras!

It's amazing what can happen during a really, really long update. From my understanding, the folks down at SquareEnix are replacing their actual hardware, and so are taking a pretty long time getting everything set up again. Eighteen hours, to be exact. >_<

Fortunately, being on the Asian end of the planet meant that the update only started at 11p.m. for me, and having slept through about half of it, the wait wasn't as noticeable as say, those people down on the U.S. East Coast, or something like that. ^^

However, people have rather ingenius ways to while away the time before setting off to adventure again.

I don't know who decided to dig this up from the Windurstian Underground, or some San d'Orian bootleg factory (must be the Elvaans, for sure!), but that pervertaru of a Dragoon, Akanea came up and showed this to me!

That, and he's getting married. Hoo boy. Can't say I feel sorry for his {wife} though, she'll be sure to have a lot of {excitement} in the future...heheh.

*ahem* Sowwy...

In all seriousness though, Akanea and Saoirse are both getting married, and Akanea's asked me to be his chaperone! Not only that, Akanea has also invited me to be the best man at the wedding, standing alongside Sheldan as the bridesmaid!

Only problem is...I'm a girl taru, so... >_<

At least that's easily solved- I'll just wear a hat, like my Wizard's Petasos. After all, nobody can tell if a Taru wearing a hat is a guy or girl, rightaru? ^^

In any case, I will have to start organising and planning the eventaru soon. So far, the only things we've decided is that the wedding will be held sometime on a weekday in October, by the cliffs overlooking the Pamtam Straits in Sarutabaruta. We're going to invitaru as many guests as we can accomodate, so with just over a month to go, hoepfully there will be a date free, and then I will be running my taru legs all over Windurst picking up supplies and getting ready for this!

I think Akanea thinks he's really burdening me with organising the wedding, but I'm actually quite enjoying myself- it's an honour, and something new to do in this world. After all, there're only so many Robber Crabs you can kill before you go insane. >_<

On another note though, I've been feeling somewhat...burnt out as of late. Maybe I was leveling my Red Mage a littaru bit too fast, although my last party also might've done the trick. It was slow. Really, slow. Like, 2k xp/hr slow, but oh well. It's a little bit griefing to know that my Red Maging suffered as a resultaru, because I was nodding off because we we doing so poorly! Ah, maybe I've been spoiltaru by my other parties...

But playing has been getting a little tedious. I think it's time to reevaluate my goals and see what I would really like to do before calling it quits and going into retirementaru, and then actually go out there and settle it. ^^

The last time I felt this way was way back at the start of December. I actually made a list of things I wanted to accomplish in the game back then. Here it is again, just as a quick check on what I've done since:

1) Have a Lvl 75 Job. Got that!
2) Goldsmithing 100. Still working on this.
3) Go to Dynamis. Yep!
4) Participate in an HNM run. Yes. Of an interesting note, this was before I knew the difference between HNM and sky. ^^
5) Get BLM60. Kinda overshot. ^^
6) Defeat Fenrir. Rawr!
7) Attain Windurst Rank 10. And proud of it, dammitaru! ^^
8) Go through the Ru'Avitau teleport scene myself. ^^ Done that!
9) Whilst I'm in , complete “Divine Might” See here ^^
10) Get a good amount of experience with NIN/BLM at Level 60+ Ah, nope >_<
11) Get RDM60. Almostaru! ^^

Not too bad- of the eleven goals I set out to do, I've accomplished most of them, except for the more long-term goals, one of which I'm still working on (Goldsmithing), one of which is almost completed (RDM60), and one which probably needs some re-evaluating (NIN/BLM >_<).

Lots of things have obviously changed since then. I think while I'm in the spirit of things, I'd best redraw up my goals. Here they are:

1) Get San d'Oria Rank 10
2) Get Bastok Rank 10
3) Attain "Dynamis-Xarcabard Interloper"
4) Complete the Zilart storyline
5) Complete the Chains of Promathia storyline
6) Get RDM75
7) Goldsmithing 100 (still :P)
8) Defeat Ark Angel TT solo, with Red Mage. ^^

Those are the immediate goals that come to mind. ^^ You might have noticed that the shift in focus is very different now, and all of these new aims are a much more involved process. Of particular note is that very last aim of mine, to solo Ark Angel TT. 'Course, it might be a little difficult, since I've already beaten Divine Might, but I can probably get someone to let me into the arena to do it. Unfortuantely, while many Red Mages have tried, none have succeeded- not even the mighty Grendal, or Avesta, whose solo feats in Red Mage (and Black Mage for Avesta) were quite an inspiration. Ah well, I'll probably check up on these in a few months time to see how things go. ^^


wyred said...

Keep an eye out for the latest Vana'Meals magazine issue where I was interviewed on how I prepare and synth my {Tarutaru}{Meat Dishes} from gathering Taruta... erm... ingredients to the simple decorations.

LadyRikku said...

Go read up about the latest just ended Inter Town Archery Contest where the winner was the one who's arrow landed CLOSEST to the target, since every cant hit the broadside of a ram.

Strawberrie said...

See, a Tarutaru magazine like that would just be child pornography... ><;

And congrats on all those goals you accomplished!