09 December, 2004

A plan of action.

I feel...burnt out.

I'm not too sure why either. I mean, feeling burnt out from leveling is one thing, but then again, I haven't leveled in the past three days. Nope, not even BLM (need my Eldieme Necropolis coffer first... ; ;). I guess it’s one of those things that happen if you play too hard at one thing, I guess. I mean, I've been playing hard in FF and have gone back to my studies with somewhat of a renewed vigor, so I guess I need a bit of a break. Oh well, at least the update's going to take a while. ^^

It's funny. I took a look at my past entries, and noticed upon two lines I wrote a little over a month ago:

Tuufless's goldsmithing skill rises 0.2 points.
Tuufless's goldsmithing skill reaches level 50.

Now, just over a month later, I'm only Goldsmithing 52.3. Damn, the 50s are harsh! Gold is pretty much at an all-time low at the moment, and I frankly haven't the faintest idea why. Gold Ingots are flowing into Jeuno like water, and Beastcoins are waiting in line by handfuls in the Auction House. I remember seeing over fifty Beastcoins in Jeuno, which is certainly more than I've ever seen at one go. 40+ Gold Ingots on sale, too. The price of a Gold Ingot has plummeted to 28-29k per Ingot. Stacks of Gold Ingots are now 360k. And the prices are still high.

The Gold Nuggets have more or less stabilized at 51k/stk. That's 33,500 gil to make one Ingot, so I lose 4-5k a synth. I don't even skillup that much from Gold Ingots that way anymore, not even on Darksday with no support. I mean, I know there is a drastic slowdown, but six synths for no skillup at 52 is quite...outworldly.

I've contemplated heading over to the dreaded Mythril Cuisses route as recommended by others. I can make two Mythril Ingots for about 9000 gil. The Ram Leather goes for another 1k or so, and the Cuisses sell for 7k at the Jeuno AH. Assuming I don’t flood the market. I guess that’s really not too bad. At least, my loss is less than the Gold Ingots, although that all changes if I vendor them. The Cuisses are, on the other hand, 9 levels above me, so I will break. A lot. I guess I'll give two or three a shot, depending on how many Sheets I can make in time. Firesday, Full Moon in about 6 hours. I'm sure I can piece together something by then.

My main goal here is to just hit Level 55. From there, I can make a reasonable shot at Platinum Ingots via Nuggets, which reportedly are breakeven for me at 55, then slowly turn into profit all the way to Level 64, where they cap. I imagine I'll be making quite a lot of Platinum, given the way I'm skilling up at the moment. Hopefully the Platinum Nuggets won't undergo a ridiculous pricehike like Gold did. I'd imagine there won't be as many Platinum crafters, since they might all be scared off by the prospect of taking Gold past 50. After all, they got their shades, there isn't any real need for them to take Gold to 60...or so I'd hope.

I'm also saddened by the number of people that are leaving the game. To their credit, FFXI's been out for quite some time, and with EQ2 and World of Warcraft, I can very well see them move on. Elowen was the first to tell me she was quitting, then a few days ago, Accolade came to say his /farewells. The very next day, Erieta announces in the TrueRune LS that she will terminate her account upon the new year. /sigh. I guess people have to move on. Anyway, for posterity's sake, I took a screenshot of Accolade's last moments with his linkshell:

It's not a very good picture, mostly because it was nighttime. Frankly, there needs to be something done about the screenshots- they're all very very dark, especially at night. It is really so hard to ask for some way to take screenies without the use of third-party editing software?

Anyway, while I'm on the subject of people quitting, I have to admit that the thought has crossed my mind a couple of times recently. There are, however, a few things that I want to accomplish before I do leave, although knowing how things go, these probably won't all be complete:

And so without further ado, I present Tuuf's list of “Things to do before I...die?”, or whatever the more appropriate term is. ^^

1) Have a Lvl 75 Job.
2) Goldsmithing 100. (This will probably not happen, but one can always dream. ^^)
3) Go to Dynamis.
4) Participate in an HNM run. (*cough* Kirin, anybody? *cough*)
5) Get BLM60.
6) Defeat Fenrir.
7) Attain Windurst Rank 10.
8) Go through the Ru'Avitau teleport scene myself. ^^ (At request of Gluey ^^)
9) Whilst I'm in , complete “Divine Might” (the one with 5 Ark Angels)
10) Get a good amount of experience with NIN/BLM at Level 60+
11) Get RDM60. (Must have that hat! >_<)

That's all that immediately comes to mind...wow, that’s a lot of leveling I need to do. Oh well. I'll get around to it someday...^^

Hmmm...Gluey has mentioned that he wants to Level up SAM as a second 75 job...I guess I can take my Ninja with him then, although that WAR sub’s really going to bug me...

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