31 August, 2005

Ah, new players...

It's strange. With my Red Mage now at 60, I feel like xp'ing it less and less. Maybe it's because I've already overshot past Akanea and Saoirse as it is, and while Aka is about 2k into Level 60, I'm 5k tnl to 61...>_<

So I think I'll take a short break from xp'ing RDM for a while. Besides, I already overshot Aka's Dragoon twice on my WHM and BLM (although his DRG has since taken over my WHM...) Maybe I'll switch back to White Mage for a bit? My Regen III and Raise III scroll's really starting to collect dust over with my mule...

I didn't actually xp today though. Instead, I went around helping Saoirse and Faeyth complete their Genkai 3 quests (on two different runs), and spent the rest of the time up in Rabao prepping for more Goldsmithing skillups (see the Goldsmithing blog for more information. ^^

One very amusing thing did happen though. ^^

On a whim, I decided to mule over my Summoner gear, and play around with it for a short bit. I'm not entirely sure just what possessed me to do so, probably a greater appreciation for the unique things a Summoner can contribute to a party, but anyway, I digress.

So I'm walking out to Qufim Island on my SMN24. I exit Port Jeuno, summon Carbuncle (I like having summons out ^^) and proceed to walk all the way through the tunnel to Qufim Island proper.

On the way, I pass by this Rank 2 RDM19/BLM09 Taru by the name of Darkanima, who after (presumably) searching up my name to see I'm a SMN24, decides to be very helpful and give me a little bit of advice:

Evidently, he noticed I'm over SMN20, but unfortuantely didn't realise that I'm also Rank 10. >_<

All things being normal, Rank 10 Summoners usually have their summons, in particular one little summon I'm very proud of...

And so, I run back to find Darkanima and show him my "other" avatar. ^^

Hehe, I found the whole situation to be very funny. ^^

Personally, I think Darkanima's all set to be a pretty good player. While yes, he did do some newbish things like miss the safe assumption that I have all my avatars, he at least knew the background behind another job other than his own, and the impression I got from him was pretty receptive to learning new things. In short, I don't think he will become one of those n00bs who tell you to "STFU! I KNOW MY JOBZ!" when you ask them to do something right.

Of course, time will tell how Darkanima turns out, but I'd have to say he's off to a prety good start. (Oh, and a fully leveled subjob too! That's always a plus! ^^)


Akanea said...

Silly Taru overshooting me! But if you're taking a small break that gives me a little time to catch up hehe ^^b

Strawberrie said...

ROFL on good the noobz!