08 August, 2005

Sorcerer's Sabots!

I'm not quite sure what possessed me to try and stay up until 4 o'clock in the morning to start a Dynamis-Jeuno run, but for some reason, I felt that I really wanted to go on this run.

Normally, I find it hard enough to stay awake for the duration of Explorer's Wednesdays runs, which start at twelve midnight and go on to around four o'clock, let alone actually starting at four and going on to around half past eight. >_< In addition, I had managed to talk to Elmas about letting in some of the TR members, and so far, Chummy and Akanea will be joining Explorer soon. Today's run would be Chummy's introductory run, and as usual, I was given the honour of initiating him and explaining all the LS rules and procedures.

When the run began, I was quite surprised at how brutally efficient our methods had become. Normally, we take our time through Dynamis, slowly and methodically taking out a few mobs at a time, but Elmas just kept asking Kitsume to keep pulling. Then again, we did seem to have quite a lot of new members, and quite a lot of Black Mages at that, too, so I guess our pace could've been quickened. Instead of going straight for the trigger NMs to spawn the Goblin Golem {Mega Boss}, we ended up clearing a lot of the mobs, including the Auction House, the center fountain, and even killed the respawns, so essentially went through Dynamis-Jeuno twice through.

For some reason, I also had first priority in lotting for BLM AF2, which in the case of Dynamis-Jeuno, are the feet, the Sorcerer's Sabots. Actually, Elmas (who is currently leveling up BLM) also wanted the boots, but he withdrew after he found out I also wanted them. (Maybe he realised I had yet to get anything out of Dynamis? >_<) Even still, given my absence, I was surprised none of the other Black Mages wanted their Sorcerer's Sabots, which are one of the better pieces of the BLM AF2 set. I can only assume they've already gotten them, leaving only me. :P

Unfortunately, BLM AF2 really seem to be one of the more scarce pieces, if you ignore that really strange run that dropped three (unfortunately, unwanted) BLM AF2s which I briefly touched upon here. Sure, we got Ranger AF2, Dark Knight AF2, Thief AF2, and even two pieces of Warrior AF2, but no Black Mage AF2! >_< As the run was drawing to a close, I was starting to get increasingly worried that I would not get my AF, never mind the fact that at this point in time, the sun was starting to rise, and I was finding it harder and harder to stay awake. >_<

When we eventually defeated the Goblin Golem to officially clear Dynamis-Jeuno, Black Mage AF2 still hadn't dropped. Normally I would call it quits there, and after the obligatory おつかれさまでした~s (Grammar note: Does that even work?!), warp back home, especially since at this point, I still hadn't slept and it was eight o'clock in the morning. Trust me, that bed looked very tempting. >_<

However, I figured this run might as well not go to waste, and stuck around for a little more, hoping that the sabots would drop.

Of course, by the title of this post, one can tell that I did not stay on to regret my decision. For soon after the Goblin Golem died and we started farming the extra pops, what dropped but my Sorcerer's Sabots? ^^

Tuufless: !!!

Trust me, the jolt from seeing the Sorcerer's Sabots drop would put any cup of Expresso to shame. ^^ I felt so happy when I saw it drop- it would be my first AF2 piece, kind of like proof that all this work I had put in would not go to waste. At least I got something for all my efforts in the LS. And it is really is a nice piece of equipment at that, too:

Granted, its power is a little subtle, but from my understanding, the main attraction here is the "Converse MP +5", which granted, is still a mysterious stat, since while everybody knows it helps conserve mana (d'uh!), nobody really knows how it works. However, I've heard that the boots really do make a difference over extended periods (such as, during BLM parties), so I'm happy I got them. In fact, there's a lot of debate over which is the best BLM feet out there- it's either the Sorcerer's Sabots, or the new Rostrum Pumps. I've heard that the Sorcerer's Sabots are the best feet piece for Tarus, but the stats on the Rostrum Pumps are simply insane: -30HP, +30MP, INT +3, MND +3, and enhances "Fast Cast"? Sign me up! The Fast Cast enhancement apparently is no laughing matter either, some Black Mages with the Pumps say it reduces the recast time of Stun down to a mere 25 seconds, which is KING! Unfortunately, I probably won't get a pair for myself without an HNM linkshell of some sort, so I'll just have to imagine it for a bit. ; ;

My last comment deals with an increasing concern for how things are being run in Explorer. First off, because of Starfox's mishap, Starfox more or less chose to quit Explorer, but letting Elmas know that he would like to come on one more Dynamis-Jeuno run. Well, he was denied that, even though he has some points left to spend. Apparently, Elmas removed his name (and his points) from the LS roster, and even called Starfox opportunistic. I have to admit, Elmas is a little...dry in the people relations department, but still...

The other comment is once again about dropping AF. Kitsume and I both strongly oppose throwing away AF, since people come to Dynamis for their AF. Sure, you have a few people here and there who are also after the ancient currency to upgade their relic weapons, but for the most part, AF2 is the main attraction. That being said, the vast amounts of AF2 we throw away really make Kitsume and I feel like we are wasting our effort trying. Of the six pieces of AF that dropped in this particular run, only the Ranger, Black Mage, and one Warrior AF were picked up by members. Yes, that's right. We threw away half of the AF2 that dropped today.

As I put it to Kitsume, "In a linkshell with twenty Black Mages, throwing away three pairs of sorcerer's gloves just feels wrong" (once again, referring to my last Dynamis-Windurst run). I still feel the rigid point system has something to do with it, and if I ever follow through with my plan to split away with Explorer and organise my own run, I'll definitely keep that in mind.

It's too bad. I've grown to quite like some of the people in Explorer. Frisk is my huggy-wuggy Galka whose lap I always sit in, and a lot of the other members, like Lostman and Ageale are very friendly with me as well. Oh well, we'll see what happens...

...I guess. >_<


Strawberrie said...

Wooh! Congratulations!

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Grats on your new boots!