30 August, 2005

Full fledged Taru Pimp! ^^

I have a few things to cover, first of which is that I have finally gotten RDM60 and can now wear my pimp hat! :D

The hat just looks soooo cute on a Taru- I particularly like it when Tarus rest with the hat on. Since we're so small, all you see is just one big HAT down there on the ground. I find it particularly amusing. ^^

Anyway, I've had the pleasure of going to new places to camp today. First of which was up in the Uleguerand Range, with a party that was 59-61. We camped at the exit to the first tunnel on the way up, beating up Nival Raptors for pretty decent xp. The nice part about the Nival Raptors is that, unlike their cousins elsewhere in Vana'diel, they do not Disease you, and instead their breath attack only Paralyzes. That means that you do not need a White Mage to party up here, since while Paralyna can be cast with a WHM sub, Viruna is still out of reach. >_< However, I wonder if like the other raptors, the Nival Raptors are weak to Water and strong to Fire. If these raptors are Ice based, shouldn't they be weak to Fire?

My next party later in the day was actually a 61-63 party, and they needed me as a RDM60 to tag along. We ended up going to Bibiki Bay, which I thought was fairly standard. However, we didn't go down to the camp with the five Hobgoblins. Instead, we went down to a small valley at F-6 and leveled off Tragopans, which are Bird mobs. Our party setup was also very good- we were NIN MNK THF BLM BRD RDM, and everyone did their jobs very well. All our kills other than the start of each chain were hovering at 180+ or 200+ xp, and in the scant hour and a half we were there for (I had to get going >_<), we got about 6-7k xp, except we lost quite a lot of it when the BLM accidentally cast Poison II on a Tartarus Eft by mistake. >_< Ah well, I wouldn't complain still. ^^

Later on, I joined an alliance to go do the Sleepga II quest in the Boyahda Tree. I already learnt Sleepga II, but I bought the scroll back when it was around 200k. When we left, the scroll was selling for just under 800k and was even sold out! Still, the high price tag is understandable. The quest, entitled Searching for the Right Words, has no less than six prerequisite quests, none of which are particularly convenient to get done. >_< Four of these quests involve the tarutaru fortune tellers in Lower Jeuno, and the last two involve the candle quests in Upper Jeuno.

However, the storyline behind the Sleepga II quest is very sweet, and very cute! It's one of those storylines that make you go, "Awwwwwwwww!!!!", and that should be enough information for now. ^^ I'm definitely glad I got to see it. :D

Anyway, the final quest for the scroll involves fighting an NM Floating Eye mob by the name of Agas that is a forced pop from a ??? that only appears at night. The fight supposedly can be done with just one party of Level 70s, but we overcompensated and decided to bring down a 12-man alliance of 70-75s for the job. :P Needless to say, Agas went down pretty quickly. ^^

Upon defeating Agas, click on the ??? again to receive a key item, a Moondrop, which you then take back to the old woman in Upper Jeuno who also starts the quest. The resulting cutscene is again, very well thought out, and also very touching.../sniff ^^ *ahem* Anyway...I'll leave it to you to see it for yourself. ^^

Of course, I also felt really happy to get a scroll of Sleepga II as my reward, and now I'm debating whether I should hold onto it, or sell it now and realise the {money}! 750k+ is quite a lot of money, no? ^^

Finally, while the servers are on maintenance, I've also come across a very good discussion in the Allakhazam forums. The post deals with the impact of powerleveling, and whether PL'ing is actually ethical or not, and how it affects the game. It's well worth your time to at least skim through, and can be found here.


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Chummy said...

So thats why u dont PL me =P, J/K SMN is at 8!

Strawberrie said...

I heard that Sleepga 2 is now going for 1mil... Did you save it and capitalize on that?

Tuufless said...

hehe, yeah- I saved the scroll and as soon as I saw the first sale go for 1m, I sold mine (as the second). Time will tell if I should've saved it for longer tho... >_<