28 August, 2005

Blitz Buffalo

The M.H.M.U. have cooked up another fiesty event to entertain us all- this time, the moogles have magically transported the Buffalo all the way from the Uleguerand Range down to the cities on Vana'diel, and it is up to many willing adventurers (such as myself) to try and conquer these beasts!

The Reward for this particular event is a Level 1 belt called a Red Sash that has Enmity +1, which I imagine would come in pretty handy when I go about leveling my Ninja. To be honest, I'm not sure just how much a difference +1 Enmity makes, but for now, I can't really think of any alternate Waist pieces that a Ninja could otherwise use.

What happens in this. Somewhere in either East Sarutabaruta, South Gustaberg, or West Ronfaure, a Buffalo named Toro will spawn. He does not aggro, but when attacked, can charge very quickly. He also incidentally has a lot of hit points. >_<

The good news is that he does absolutely no damage to you. After all, this is a common event, and thus a Level 1 newbie needs to be able to complete this event. All his attacks, if they connect with you, just knock you back quite a long way away, and in fact, I found this to be a rather handy way to run back to Windurst faster, with the Toro pushing me in addition to my running. ^^

The bad news is that if you anger the Toro too much (by dealing about 100 or more damage), his charge can be particularly effective, and throw you back to some place random. By that, I mean he can knock you all the way back to a random zone in one of the three cities, or even your homepoint! Poor Aka found out the hard way when he airhsipped down to Windurst for an LS picture (more on that later), engaged a Buffalo, then got knocked back all the way to Jeuno. >_< Toro is also immune to all status effects, so Stun, Bind, Sleep, and stuff like that don't work.

To make things more interesting though, sometimes, an HQ version of Toro can spawn. This tougher Buffalo, named Miura, has more HP, and may be more aggressive in his behaviour, and knocking people back. I once chanced upon Toro in Gustaberg when I was randomly down there, but when I heard about Miura, I wanted to try and get him instead. After all, the Reward for defeating Miura is not a Red Sash, but a Dash Sash which is basically a Red Sash +1. The Dash Sash adds Enmity +2, which is looking very good for a Ninja right about now. ^^

Anyway, I was headed down to East Sarutabaruta to take part in the LS photo, when guess who happened to be just outside the gate to Windurst Woods? ^^

It took a while to kill him. >_< The good news is that even if he appears purple to you, everybody can engage and attack him. In all honest truth, beating the buffalos is actually quite easy. They are too fast for you to run away from, so all you have to do is drag the Buffalo all the way to the city zone line, and then engage there. I'd basically Thunder IV Miura, then quickly run and zone into Windurst, then zone back out to repeat. Since I lost aggro upon zoning into Windurst, I am free to launch another Thunder IV nuke at him uncontested. But like I said, he has a lot of HP, so I can imagine this would be quite a sight for all the new players out there who have yet to tackle something like this. ^^

Upon defeating the Buffalo, a ??? will pop where the Buffalo fell. Quickly click on it to receive your reward- the ??? will disappear quickly, although whether the ???'s duration is determined by the number of people who click on it, or by length of time, I do not know.

Anyway, onto the LS picture. Simply put, due to real life issues, Lucifa, a member of TrueRune, is forced to quit playing and this was basically our way of saying goodbye. Harkening back to our picture back in the Ru'Lude Gardens, we didn't have as many people turn up for this picture, since by now, quite a lot of us had other endgame stuff to take care of, whether it be HNM, a Kirin fight, or other sky events. Still, some of us managed to make the trip, and after some arranging, posing, and what-have-you, we ended up getting a screenshot for Lucifa to remember us by.

Here you go Luc, take care and good luck in whatever you end up doing!

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Chummy said...

Dang! Thats all who made it? ; ; Bleh I wanted to go but had RL stuff going on that night >.<