15 August, 2005

Paragon of Red Mage Excellence

Today was the day my friend Faeyth, and I set out to get the Warlock's Chapeau, better known as "the pimp hat", for good reason- that hat just looks awesome! ^^

Faeyth is a real life friend of mine, and so, he came over to my place (in preparation for something we'd try tomorrow) and we basically ended up playing the night through. Eventually, we managed to get help from some of TrueRune to go down to Fei'Yin and the Garlaige Citadel to take on the Red Mage AF3 quest, including Opticon, who, of all things, decided to go as WHM/NIN. -_-

The problem with this particular quest (at least, the first part), is that Miser Murphy in Fei'Yin is only spawned when a Red Mage with the quest activated zones into Fei'Yin. That meant, in short, that I could not go as my Black Mage. Fortunately, Misr Murphy was also rather easy, and with the help of Opticon (WHM/NIN) and Katoke (THF/NIN), we took Miser Murphy down twice with not too much trouble, although there was the occasional hairy point here and there. ^^

With Miser Murphy defeated, it was now time for the main fight- the Guardian Statue in the Garlaige Citadel. While Faeyth and I ran down to San d'Oria to activate the second leg of the quest, Ncloud (BLM) and Chummy (SAM) came down to help, and it's a good thing they did as well. Also, I could now go back to Jeuno and switch over to my Black Mage to make things easier for us, and a good thing I did, too. >_<

The fight would take place in a small room literally behind the first banishing gate There are some Oaken Boxes in that room, which area all sealed tightly, and need a Nail Puller to open. Which just so happens to drop off the Guardian Statue that you pop when you first click on the box,

We were confident at first, until we soon figured out that the Guardian Statue is incredibly resistant to magic, to the point where all nukes have their damage cut by 50%, and stuff like Dispel and Stun were all resisted. Things got worse when the Guardian Statue started using one of his special moves, Typhoon, with greater and greater frequency. It's an AoE knockback and Stun move that deals about 200-300 damage to everybody, and with things going haywire, Typhoon was starting to become a real pain.

Sure, one Typhoon could be countered with a Curaga II, but as he started using it more and more, we had a very real chance of losing the fight. That, and the undead started aggro'ing on us because of our low HP. Fortunately, we managed to pull through in the end and defeat the Guardian Statue, getting me a nail puller by which to open the box.

The contents of the box...were not the most pleasant thing in the world. Somebody had killed Rainemard, Curilla's Red Mage father, and locked his remains in the box. No wonder his spirit was not at peace. >_<

We killed the Guardian Statue again for Faeyth, before heading down to San d'Oria, where a surprise lay in store for us as soon as we zoned into Northern San d'Oria. The evil that was out to twist Curilla against Prine Trion was taken care of, thanks to Rainemard's spirit arriving just in the knick of time to save the day, although I'll spare the fine details for those who would like to find out more about the Red Mage storyline for themselves. ^^

However, as appreciation for what we had done for him, Rainemard left us a small token of thanks, which, at least to us, wasn't really such a small token at all. ^^

Behold! The pimp hat! :D

(Now, to actually level up my Red Mage so I can, you know, wear it. -_-)


wyred said...

Hmmm... Now I feel like take RDM to 60 just for the story. >_<

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Katoke said...

I tanked that thing like a pro. w