18 December, 2004

The Price of Gold.

I actually haven't been FF-ing much today. Something about final exams I need to do, including this mid-term that's actually due six hours ago. Yeah...about that...

Anyway, thanks to my trusty Vana'diel clock, I noticed it was Lightsday sometime while trying to figure out certain things, like the various symmetries of an icosahedron. In a flash, I decided I'd level up Goldsmithing, just because, well, I had accumulated over 600k, but I was reluctant to spend it on anything. Sure, it looks pretty, but ultimately, it's not going to do me any good like sitting there in my walletaru. I didn't have time to go all the way to Bastok to get Advanced Imagery support for Mythril Cuisses, so I struck it out with the one synth left- Gold Ingots. Lightsday, shades, (nearly) a full moon...I felt it was reasonably safe.

Since I really ought to get back to my take home exam, I'll summarize it for now. Fifteen Gold Ingots (and two breaks later), I achieved what I had set out to do for the night.

Yes, I'm finally 53! /cheer

Well, I'm actually Goldsmtihing 53.2 right now, after using some extra Nuggets (breaks ; ;) lying around the place. I actually did some quick calculations, just out of curiosity as to how much Goldstmithing actually costs. Right now, I spent roughly 31,400gil on those two extra +0.2, so extrapolating that out to +1.0, getting from Goldsmithing 53 to 54 will cost me approximately 157,000 gil! Actually, come to think of it, that's not _too_ bad...I think...


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