16 December, 2004

It's Christmas in the air! ^^

For some reason, my computer has been acting up more and more recently, and I haven't the foggiest idea why. I keep crashing every so often, particularly in towns, and while up to now, it's been just a minor inconvenience, today, things just seemed to go berserk. My computer was inexplicably shutting itself down every two minutes or so. Given the major of the Christmas quests, I almost blew my top off. Some start to a Merry Christmas, eh? >_<

Anyway, it's getting late, so I'll quickly gloss over the details of what happened. I actually ended up starting the Christmas Tree quest first from the Mithra at the West Sarutabaruta gate in Port Windurst. She told me to run all the way to the Mog House in Port Windurst (same zone) and get something for her within two hours, which, I assumed wouldn't be a problem. So I ran as fast as my little-wittle Taru legs could carry me, and just about make it back in time, until I forget that I'm actually supposed to trade her the item, at which point, my time limit had expired.

My next task would be to collect something from the Moogle in Windurst Waters, a zone away. Naturally, I figure that running to the Mog House in Port Windurst, then using the back alleys to exit to Windurst Waters would be the best way to go, and I was fine...until my computer crashed (which, by the way, I'd become very used to ; ;). By the time I log in and everything, I end up an hour late, so no reward for me. ; ;

Next chance I get, she tells me to get something from Windurst Walls. Taking no chances this time- I set my home point in Port Windurst, and run off once again. As predicted, the computer crashes again half way, but fortunately, I manage to get her item before time runs out thanks to a quick Warp back to the Home Point right next to the gate so I wouldn't have to traverse the whole Port Windurst. In return, I get a spiffy Windurstian Christmas Tree to accompany my Cupboards in the Mog House, although I don't know what I'm giong to do with it in the long run. I mean, I'd keep it, but it has Water energy...

Anyway, onto the main event- getting my Santa hat! ^^

For those who haven't done it yet, here's how it goes (at least, from a Windurstian's perspective). Talk to the Moogle by the Windurst Woods gate (where the summerfest moogles were), and the Moogle will tell you the locations (parts of Windurst) of three children, all of whom have a little letter that they want a budding adventurer to give to Santa. The children are random, and are all incidentally Tarutaru children, so unless you're a Taru yourself, the height difference between grown-up Taru and Taru cubs might be a little hard to distinguish. (And yes, Tarutaru children are called 'cubs'!) Once you find the 3 children, completely by trial, error, and a lot of peserverance, you need to head over to Santa Taru in Windurst Waters by the zone to East Sarutabaruta, and trade all three letters that the children gave you simultaneously to him. Here's the catch. I wasn't aware at first that the Santa Taru would quiz me on not only the children's names, but also which child gave me which letter! Suffice it to say, I got my answers wrong, and had to go do everything all over again.

That, in conjunction with my computer crashing every minute or so did nothing to ease the situation. At least I finally managed to attain my goal, so here I am, enjoying my brand-new Christmas look! Don't I look just soooooooo cuuute? ^^

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