14 December, 2004

Heir to the Great Wind

Garuda, take 3. ^^

But first, something a little different.

I actually worked on two things today, and while the showdown with Garuda Prime (again) was certainly one of the major accomplishments of the day, it certainly didn't take up the majority of my time. No, no. That dubious award goes to the Wizard's Tonban, which is the BLM coffer AF in the Eldieme Necropolis.

I had tried earlier to get a coffer key party going, to no avail, and sometime around 5 in the evening, I noticed someone else was shouting for an Eldieme Necropolis coffer party. Eventually, a group of us, 8 strong, set off to try and find the key. The bad news is that FIVE of us needed the key. For the record, in all the 8 or so times I've been down in the necropolis joining skillup parties with my WHM, I had never seen the key drop. Now that I needed the key myself, the prospect of fighting with four other people for the drop, as well as trying to find everyone a key (for posterity's sake) did not appeal to me. But some of us can be so stubborn sometimes. ^^

I was a little afraid at first since we were bringing so many people down. For some reason, it never occurs to people that the more members you bring down with you to the Eldieme Necropolis, the harder things get. It's not like Davoi, or Castle Oztroja, where more people means mobs die faster. More people means Blood Saber (an AoE Drain which get spammed a lot) means full health for the undead. But I digress. Our camp actually had two spawns right in it, and we never noticed, until eventually, we took it upon ourselves to move camp. Thank goodness for Takhisis, a BLM75, who decided to come down for the ride, since she could at least do a decent job and keeping the link busy while the rest of us tried to pummel the old skeleton.

And I was also pulling as WHM. ^^

I won't go into all the details here about how the keys dropped, but suffice to say, five hours later, we actually managed to get five coffer keys to drop. Even stranger, it soon became an inside joke that we'd get a coffer key only when we had links, which certainly seemed to be the case! Every single key that dropped came from a link, in particular two keys that dropped during an insane chain of links that was at least five skeletons long, and took several 2-hour abilities to beat. There were other funny incidents that happened during that time, including our RDM dying twice thanks to untimely Converts just before a Blood Saber went off, and my computer crashing right in the middle of the links, but in the end, all was good and everybody went home happy. ^^

I then Warped back to Jeuno to find Toefu shouting for another run at Garuda Prime. Between hunting for AF, and getting Garuda (not to mention that it'd soon be Lightsday New Moon for my Goldsmithing!), I eventually couldn't resist to settle the score from last night, and joined in the fun.

No risks this time. Same strategy as before- Toefu tanks Garuda while everyone else keeps him alive. Yagudo Drinks and Pineapple Juice included. Two WHMs. Our party was RDM THF PLD WHM WHM BLM, and mana conservation was critical here. The other WHM and I would alternate between sitting down and healing the active members. That way, our collective WHM pool would always be gaining mana. The THF could Trick Attack onto Toefu, so he could hold hate better. The Paladin was there for a SATA partner, and the BLM was to apply the coup de'grace.

Even then, we still almost ran out of mana. It was a little dicey when Aerial Blast left Toefu with a sliver of health, and _decimated_ the THF, and we Raised II'ed the THF in the middle of battle, who then went on to fight weakened. Thank goodness Garuda doesn't do any AoE attacks other than her 2-hour. There was also a time when Toefu Converted whilst tanking, but between Fast Cast, Stoneskin, and a well timed Cure V, he managed to survive that with no problems. It sure took a while, what with a RDM and PLD meleeing, but eventually, we managed to wear Garuda down until the BLM stood up and started the chain of Blizzards that turned her name grey. We beat Garuda Prime! :D

So all was good. Toefu got his dagger (a mighty fine one, I might add, too), as did the THF who couldn't resist after seeing its stats. Take a look- Garuda's Dagger; (RA/EX, obviously :P) DMG19, Delay 183, AGI +3, Attack +7, Additional effect: Silence. Mmmmm....

I got Garuda to accompany Shiva, and Perroevil, our PLD took Garuda as his first ever avatar! Of course, I couldn't resist running outside to take a screenshot. ^^

Three avatars down (Carby included), five to go. There was brief talk on taking on Ramuh, but it was late, and when we got to Mhaura, neither the PLD nor the THF had enough Windurst fame to get the quest. And so, we called it a night.

Well, except for me. I went around to look for my AF. ^^

The Eldieme Necropolis coffers are much like the Garlaige Citadel coffers, in the sense that thanks to the door system on the upper level, and the tiered floors on the lower level, you cannot reach all of the coffer spawns solo. At least, you can reach four of them, although one involves coming all the way from the Beaucedine Glacier, and I didn't really want to walk that far just yet. Fortunately, I bumped into Codelogic (RDM75 Taru!) inside the necropolis, and he offered to help me look for the coffer. It was very discouraging, really. Hunting this coffer is very much like the Castle Zvahl Baileys coffer, where there are spawns, but because of the nature of the Necropolis, you have to exit and reenter the Necropolis each time you're aiming for a new spawn point. The worst was when, after searching through all the non-Beaucedine Glacier spawns, I head up through the Glacier, come down, and find...empty space.


We make another last minute check at the top floor's spawns just in case it had popped up there during this time, to no avail, and eventually drop down to the Hume Bones to check the spawns there, again, finding stone wall. We decided to call it a night then, and I Warp II'ed Codelogic and logged out at the Hume Bones for the night.


This morning, when I woke up, I decided to randomly check the two spawns at the Hume Bones, and as luck would have it, guess what I found sitting on the side:

At long last, I see the words appear on the screen:

Obtained: Wizard's Tonban.

I can level up BLM again.../sniff.


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