21 December, 2004

Progress check.

These past two days have been a race to try and get to BLM60 (and my Wizard hat!) before I had to go. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the requisite xp, and as I write, I'm only 12k tnl. That's about a day's work right there, so I'm sure it won't be long before I'm strutting around a full BLM AF set to go with my WHM. Speaking of which, it's been a very long time since I last wore my Healer's set...I kinda miss WHM...

Tried my hand once more at leveling Goldsmithing, too. Lightsday, New Moon. Twelve Mythril Sheets and six Ram Leathers. 96k worth of ingredients, not to mention 1.5k worth of crystals for 97.5k in the end. I end up succeeding five synths, break one and lose the Leather and a Sheet, and sell the Cuisses on the AH for 5k each. That's a 72.5k loss right there, all for, a WHOLE +0.1 SKILLUP POINTS.

Keeping a running tally from yesterday, I have now spent a total of 103.9k on +0.3 skillup points, bringing the extrapolated total to around 347k per skill level. Platinum is starting to look _very_ far away indeed...

I could go on about how three good parties helped me on the way to BLM59.4, but it's 4:50am, I'm tired, and I still have to pack. Let's just say that having two BLMs in a party makes for very good xp, even if one of them is absolutely clueless and made enough successful MBs to count on one hand, if even that.

And finally, to all those reading this, Merry Christmas everybody! :D

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