17 April, 2006

Return to White Mage

After finally hitting Goldsmithing 80, I decided that my next course of action would be to carve Elemental Beads up to 87, and use the proceeds from that to purchase another Nobles Tunic, to replace my old Nobles Tunic which I sold in an effort to plow through the Goldsmithing hell.

Well, things almost went according to plan. The money I got from the Nobles Tunic was just enough to get me Goldsmithing 80, however, I had trouble finding a buyer for my Elemental Beads, so I had a few of them sitting in my delivery box for about a month while I tried to figure out my next course of action.

Eventually, I stumbled across an old friend from my Dynamis linkshell (she had since quit the LS) who gave me some beads to carve, and was so grateful, she signed and gave me an Aquilo's Staff as a "thank you" present. ^^

I sold my old Aquilo's Staff, sold my spare Astral Ring (which has since gone up another 400k ; ;), and all of a sudden, I had just over 10m gil. I could buy my Nobles Tunic back again!

My next concern was just how to get my Nobles though. I could buy straight from the AH, but I figured it would be nice to have Sakurato sign one for me, and besides, there was always that chance she would HQ it into an Aristocrat's Coat, which would be very nice. On the other hand, there was also a chance that she might fail the synth, and lose the Shining Cloth, and that would've financially finished/bankrupted me, so I didn't really want to do that either.

However, she said she had all the non-Shining Cloth materials on a mule, so all I had to do was to find a Shining Cloth around, and she could make my Nobles for me! Saving 1m off the AH price was enough to make me decide to have it synthed. Unfortunately, the AH only had one, and it wasn't selling for the 9m price tag that the AH history indicated, so I looked around people's bazaars in Upper Jeuno and the Batallia Downs for a Shining Cloth.

I found a Shining Cloth for 9,500,000 gil. Nope, sorry, too expensive.

The next day, I found another Shining Cloth for 10,000,000 gil. Hah.

Then Sakurato remembered that she signs Nobles Tunics out of the Shining Cloths that an HNMLS, LuckySevens gets on their drops, and told me to ask them. Fortunately, I know the leader of L7, Kitsume, from my Dynamis linkshell, and Kitsume then referred me over to the linkshell's treasurer, Kaylea.

Unfortunately, actually getting ahold of Kaylea proved to be a little tricky, but Kitsume sent her word that I was looking to buy one of the LS's Nobles Tunics, and she eventually sought me out. All that was left was haggling over the price.

Nobles Tunics were selling on the AH for 10,000,000 gil. They were on a downtrend, originating from around 11,600,000 gil. Based off the listing fee, Kaylea gave me a starting offer at 9.8m gil, which I felt was so-so, but nothing to get all excited over. I was sure the price was going to fall further, as people gear up for leveling the new Treasures of Aht Urgan jobs, and I knew that the HNMLSes were looking to get rid of stock.

So I asked Kaylea if she could give me a better price. Her next offer was 9,000,000 gil.

Personally, I was rather shocked at how quickly she went down 800k down to 9m! After cross-checking with Sakurato to see if I should get it at that price, and checking with Kitsume to see if the price was okay for L7, I decided to buy the tunic!

I can now level WHM again with a clean conscience! ^^

Even better, Sakurato had signed the tunic for L7, so I get the best of both sides- a cheap Nobles Tunic (well, relatively -_-), and signed by Saku too!

All that is left to really complete my WHM would be to pick up the non-Body parts of the Blessed Set, and then a Faerie Hairpin and Hedgehog Bomb for completeness' sake. However, both of them are ENM drops, so I can try getting them that way, and besides, seeing as how I still don't have a Phantom Tathlum for my Black Mage, my WHM accessories aren't the highest of priorities. ^^

I'm not sure what to think of the purchase though. I'm of course, happy at the price, although I can't help but feel that if Kaylea was willing to lower the price 800k so quickly, perhaps she too, anticipates a further drop in price, and I may end up stomping my foot in the future. Either that, or it's a testimony as to how little 800k means these days, but I don't think I'll let such concerns get to me. I have my Nobles Tunic again, and I'm a happy taru. ^^

Unfortunately, my purchase has had an inconvenient side effect- I don't have the capital to buy many Elemental Beads anymore, and with fifty-one Wicker Baskets in my Mog Safe (for overwhelming Moghancement: Wind), I'd certianly like to get out of the Elemental Beads stage, so I can free up my Mog Safe for my three jobs' gear! >_<

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