09 April, 2006

Red Mage. Seventy. Five. ^^

It's been nearly a year since I dinged BLM75, but now, I have finally reached my second job at 75. ^^

I have to admit though, it certainly felt somewhat easier the second time through, partially because of the shorter tnls this time around, as well as access to various melee-spam parties that generally go really quick. A MNK party, a merit party off Decos, and a SAM party to boot got me within 2k of Level 75, however, I was tired enough that I just wanted to logout.

This morning, I dragged Sakurato up to the top of Uleguerand Range to both get us some Zephyr Fans for the Bearclaw Pinnacle ENM, and also to duo the King Buffalo at the top for the missing 2k. It only took about twenty minutes before I finally hit the final level. ^^

For now, I think my Red Mage will go the same route as my Black Mage, and I'll eventually cap my RDM's xp before moving onto limits. However, as merits aren't my highest priority at the moment, I figure I'll get cap my xp in the occasional spam party I get dragged along to. In the meantime, I think I will get my White Mage to 75 and complete the mage trinity. It just feels odd that the first job I leveled is the last one to 75, but we'll see what happens.

But first, I need to get my Nobles Tunic back! >_<

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