24 April, 2006

Waiting for Aht Urhgan...

Yeah, I haven't been playing much this past week, if at all. Real life has been keeping me plenty busy lately, and I feel a little bit burnt out on FF for now. That being said, I will probably come back once I get my copy of Treasures of Aht Urhgan.

The new expansion looks well thought out, at least from first sight. While I hear the missions aren't as trying as CoP, nor is the storyline as compelling, the new jobs look really well thought out.

BLU might very well be the most versatile job out there now. I still can't decide for myself what kind of role BLU should play in a party, but creativity is king here, as reports of a BLU/WAR tanking with Metallic Body and Cocoon. Puppetmaster falls in the same category of flexibility, with you building your automaton to fill in missing gaps in the party makeup. The best part is that all this has to be decided before leaving town, so good players are further rewarded by being able to anticipate and adapt to individual party setups.

I suspect a future discussion in the forums will lie along the lines of "What you should do with (this) party setup?"

Then comes COR, which is another job that's somewhat dependant on the other jobs in the party, although this time, even more directly so. I'm not actually sure what about COR interests me. Of course, there's the spiffy hat, but I think it's also the complexity of keeping appropriate buffs on the correct people, and the chance/risk element involved. In either case, I'm glad we have a new job that can Refresh though, although unfortunately, COR cannot Dispel, at least not to my knowledge (until 64), so I don't know how good a replacement it will be for RDM or BRD, especially off the Crawlers and Crabs that line up peoples' xp routes.

Am I waiting to level COR? Perhaps. I don't know if I can resist it, however. I'm already looking forward to wearing a pirataru hat! ^^

In other news, I've been pleasantly surprised to find out that an article in 1up.com has linked to Campsitarus. 1up.com's recent feature article is an in-depth beginner's guide to FFXI, and I've been linked from the section on leveling (naturally).

Although as Gyogi mentions,

Gyogi says:

"WHERE DO I GO?" Looking for a suitable camp? Check out Campsitarus for the latest updates on where to go for the best experience points for your level!

Hehe, "the latest updates?" Darn, I really ought to update that site now- I haven't updated it in months! >_< Ah well, with COR, I'll be able to drag some people out to the more obscure places to xp, and get some of those entries filled in! ^^


SeraphPDH said...

Aht UrHgan...hehehe...

Yeah, hopefully your copy comes in soon so you can get in on the action.

You are eyeing COR, and I am eyeing BLU...might be able to make a new static over the Summer with all the new people potantially leveling new jobs giving the new life given to the lower level scene...

Onekomaru said...

wow congrats on being listed in 1up!

Strawberrie said...

Now that you've been listed, you should really expand your site. You remember what we talked about?