19 February, 2006

WHM {Taking a break}. ; ;

I like getting complemented in game for the work that I do in my blog, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy...mmm, fuzzy. ^^

I was walking through Port Jeuno the other day, looking up AH prices when I was stopped by somebody who gave me some Papillions he was skilling up off- and for some reason, I've always wanted to play around with some Papillions after I saw a video long ago (I think it was a goodbye video of some sort) that had a scene with the main taru with butterfly wings. Since then, I've always wanted to take a picture of myself with wings. >_<

Anyway, I figured the colour would go well with the Nobles Tunic, so I whipped out my White Mage, and took a picture!

Unfortunately, I have quit WHM (at least, temporarily). Like I said earlier, my interest in leveling WHM past 70 is quite low, and my Nobles Tunic has depreciated 3.5 million since I bought it. I took a look at the AH, and saw that there were three other Noble Tunics on sale, and the price was dropping fast. But more importantly, seling my White Mage gear might give me that last edge I need to get me out of Goldsmithing hell, and into the 80s, where Elemental Beads alleviate the pain of Goldsmithing somewhat. Yes, especially my Nobles Tunic.

I sold my Nobles Tunic, for 15,100,000 gil, too. ; ;

It was one of the most painful things I've had to do recently, particularly since I am very attached to my gear (I worked hard for it, okay!), and there are certain things I just cannot bear to part with. My set of Elemental Staves, for example, has never left me- I might have put them in my Mog Safe once or twice, but they've always been in my inventory. Yeah, call be obsessive in that way. >_<

My hope is that this gamble will pay off. Once I break free out of Goldsmithing hell, the rest of the road is relatively easy from there. However, I still have concerns about what job to call "my own", despite the fact that just in the last entry, I said I wanted to pimp out Red Mage, but after thinking about it, I really don't see myself as anything other than a Black Mage, even though I hardly ever take my Black Mage out for a spin now.



Strawberrie said...

It's gotta be the first job you ever level, I think. I've levelled BRD and NIN up to 75, but WHM is what makes me all warm and fuzzy... mmm, fuzzy.

And I'm a packrat too... I carry all my high-gil items on me all the time, I feel safer that way I guess. At least 4 body pieces for WHM, and then hats and pants galore. I'm a walking taru department store.

Jynx said...

Ya the first job you level "Usually" has a atatchment to it. but maybe try to take up a meele job, or wait for the expansion new jobs yay.

Darya said...

Curaga IV & 73 for Zenith crown!
Other than that... meh, I only got to 75 Via 4 EXP parties, hunting for Ulli and by far Killing Aura pots -_-;;; Those EXP parties were just for buffers to keep my level too. I love playing WHM, but I hate leveling it.

Tuufless said...

Darya!!!! How's Remora? Haven't heard from you in aaaages.../sniff

B, actually, I was probably misleading when I said I had no interest in WHM75. I can see myself as an endgame WHM, largely because technically, WHM _was_ my first job, just not my first to 75. I should probably write something about that someday...

Onekomaru said...

i'm opposite of berrie - i'm paranoid that i'll accidently throw away my high-gil items on accident either equip it, put it in bazaar, or leave it in mog.

end-game WHM is fun sometimes - just curing is not that great, but it's fun being involved in aerial armor rotation...