12 July, 2005

The Uleguerand Range

I'm really starting to wonder if I should keep thinking about leveling up another job. To be perfectly honest, xp doesn't particularly interest me anymore, and with a job at 75, xp'ing for that magical "Level Up!" sign in yellow print above your head has lost quite a lot of its luster. Instead, barring the extreme rarity that is a real fun party, xp'ing has become a drag now.

For now, I've set my Summoner gear aside, since, as cool as the job may look, and as nice having Carbuncle's Mitts and Fenrir may be, the Summoner class doesn't particularly appeal to me much. The only reason why I really ought to level it up is to help out the rest of the TrueRune guys when it comes to CoP missions, and that's about it. I'm not sure if the extra job is worth it though, seeing as how half the time, I end up going as White Mage, anyway. >_<

Maybe I should just focus on one job, Black Mage, make a decent attempt at getting the various sets of gear, and then shift my attention over to one of the last few goals I have in this game- Goldsmithing.

Anyway, Kyubigokou invited me over to a BLM party this afternoon. Except that, instead of the usual haunt in King Ranperre's Tomb, we went up the the Uleguerand Range instead (and I'm sure I spelt that wrong ; ;). It was my first time up there, and the place is as deadly, as it is pretty. In the end, the party was a good experience, and definitely something I'd recommend for future manaburn parties. ^^

For reference, the particular camp we were at is in an alleyway just to the side of Jormungand, at (G-8). From there, we kill pretty much everything, from the Ice Bombs (by far the weakest mobs here), to Ice Elementals, to King Buffalo. They are all on a ridiculous respawn timer, something like five minutes, and so, there's plenty of mobs to last a good Chain #8 or #9. That, and the drops are nice! Buffalo meat, buffalo horns, and even buffalo hide (80k/ea.!) can drop here, along with the requisite Kindred Seals, so I was happy. That, and because we're in the middle of nowhere, nobody comes here. :D

Granted, the walk here may be long and tedious, but I felt it was worth it in the end. Besides, it's nice to get out once in a while and see new places, and for the experience, this was quite the {excitement}. We (well, some of us, anyway) had a little run-in with Jormungand, which led to rather amusing situations of {death}- Kyubi had the idea of Elemental Seal'ing a Sleep II onto Jormungand, then logging out to reset hate, except that he got pulled in before he logged out.

That meant that he'd log back in directly under Jormungand. >_<

Suffice it to say, he got aggro upon logging in, and he died probably the fastest I've seen a Taru die. Ah well. :P

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Strawberrie said...

Weeeeeeell, I know how you feel. If I didn't have a good partner to exp with (Vagus), I would probably just end it at BRD and WHM. But having someone you really like by your side makes those PTs a lot more fun!

Should try BST or something, completely different ballgame with that job.