28 July, 2005

Over the Hills and Far Away

Today, I decided to work on completing my maps collection. Given the status of my last xp party, I decided that at some point, I needed to complete the quest for the map to the Uleguerand Range, which unfortunately, takes quite a bit of effort, and more than just a smile.

There have been a few penned guides to completing this quest, so I'll give you my personal take on this.

The procedure is simple. Start the quest by first completing the pre-requisite quest, "To Cure a Cough". Then, head down to the second floor of a house located at G-7 of South San d'Oria, where you will find a diary. Read the diary up to page 4. Once you've done that, troop on down to the Rusty Anchor Pub in Port San d'Oria, and talk to Antreneau to activate the quest.

First stop on the quest is to Oldton Movalpolos, where you need to get a Moblin Hotrok off a Moblin Ashman. There is only one Ashman in Oldton Movalpolos, and he can be found around K-10, near the rusty levers et al. He doesn't always drop the Hotrok, and if he doesn't, his repop time is roughly fifteen minutes, so you can try again then. >_< Personally, it took me three tries before he dropped it for me, so it's not that uncommon of a drop.

With a Hotrok in hand, it's onto the fun part- traversing the Uleguerand Range, all the way up to the top. ^^ Head down to the Uleguerand Range, and take a very good look at the slope that looms right in front of you. Here's a screenshot to better illustrate things:

What you are looking at is the southern slope that will lead you to the ??? that you need to get to in order to complete the quest. The ledge that is circled in blue is the ledge you need to get onto, the blue line, a recommended path. Remember this sight well, for once you are at the top, it's quite difficult to recognise. Should you fail and miss the ledge, you have the pleasure of tramping all the way up the entire Uleguerand Range once again to try again. Yes, it's a whole lot of fun. ^^

Going up to the top of the Uleguerand Range is always a matter of much {excitement}, as you have to dodge past bombs (magic aggro), and various species of Brontotaurs, which look like the Stegotaurs in the Aqueducts. The -taurs are sight aggro, and also have true sight, so skillful dodging will be required. Once that's done, you may have to dodge past Jourmungand, which is one of the new CoP HNM dragons. Yes, it also has True Sight and WILL maul you if you get aggro'ed. ^^

Once you reach the top of the Uleguerand Range, you will find a vast open space with one huge rock on the edge. There are (very) steep slopes on both the left and right of the rock, and while you can get to the ??? from either side, the slope you were looking at when you first zoned into the Uleguerand Range was the South slope, that is, the slope to the left of the large rock.

Now, carefully position yourself on the edge of the southern slope, without falling. You will need Invisible to avoid grabbing aggro from the bombs while ou're up on the top, and you'll need Sneak for inside the caves on the bottom. Take a very good look down, and try to see the ledge from where you are standing. Use the three holes on the side of the slope to help guide you, and once you feel you're ready, take the plunge and start skiing down the slope onto the ledge (hopefully).

You can run against the slope to slow yourself down a little, and hopefully buy yourself some time. I almost messed up the first time, and ended up heading towards the wrong ledge, but after getitng caught on a little piece of snow that was jutting out, I managed to reorientate myself and determining I was headed the wrong direction, I managed to adjust things and just make it over onto the correct ledge. Phew! ^^

Once inside, it's a fair walk to the ???, but once you're there, trade the Hotrok,and watch a cutscene that will then reward you with a map of the Uleguerand Range! Congratulations! ^^

In other news, after completing the quest and warping back to Jeuno, I was soon asked to go on a Black Mage party in- guess where? >_< At least the map proved itself to be very useful, as I was able to lead members gone astray to the top of the Range to camp. I even got my first merit point completed up there, which I soon put into Level 1 Lightning Potency. ^^

That wasn't the only xp party I got for the day- later on, I managed to get an xp party going with my RDM, and eventually hit that magical number 40. I now get to use the one macro I've been itching to use for quite some time now, and I can actually claim that macro back from Phacia, who has been using it to good use over the past few months. What macro, you say?


Good gawd, Convert is sooooo good...^^ Only one more level to Refresh, too! ^^


Onekomaru said...

Tuuf, one thing you might want to add:

on the recommended path, there's a hole directly where the path goes over. the hole will make you fall into the mountain, and you have to start over^^;

the way to avoid this is to go at night: the ice freezes over the hole at night apparently

Onekomaru said...

or you can go around the hole, it's a bit tricky^^;

Onekomaru said...

lol sorry for spamming your blog but:

interested in BC40 under observation on sunday, with me, you, and xzander?

Strawberrie said...

This quest made my eyes boil out with anger. I only had the basic idea of what I had to do, and I took the right path instead of the left. I missed the ledge completely the first time, and second time I landed right on the very edge and ended up falling off when I tried to move. -.-;

But it was very rewarding when I managed to do it right the third time, without any outside help!

Congrats on the map, I'm a little envious you got it on your very first try.

Tuufless said...

Neko: Hehe, I'm actually out of the country (again) right now- visiting my family in Malaysia. I'll be back sometime Monday, which is Sunday evening/night for you, so I might be able to make it- not sure about that tho.

Berrie: Yeah, my friend Elowen (who has since quit) literally tore her hair out trying to get this quest done, so I had a pretty good idea of how frustrating the quest can be, although my earlier xp party up here helped somewhat with directions. :P

That being said, once at the top, I ended up reading a lot of forums and cross-checking screenshots just to make sure I didn't mess it up! >_<

Congrats on your map too- that sense of accomplishment just makes one gleam inside, no? ^^

wyred said...

Malaysia? :o

Where? I'm from Kedah. :D

Tuufless said...

Johor. Even better, JB. ^^