12 July, 2005

{I'm back!} ^^

Sometime this morning, I got a package delivered to my doorstep. Guess what it held inside? ^^

That's rightaru! My computer! I can play again! /cheer

I have to admit though, coming back at first was really nice, yet somewhat worrying at the same time. I can't believe I actually missed the /shouts in Jeuno, but they all seemed so familiar, it was one of those mushy nostalgic moments. Yeah, yeah, I know. >_< The ugly side of the game showed up soon enough though.

I tried taking out my Summoner for a spin, and hoo boy, did the parties disappoint. I'm starting to really hate Qufim again. I think 23-24 is one of those "problem" levels, where there aren't very many feasible places to xp. Sure, there're the occasional Gigas in Lower Delkfutt's Tower, or Pugils out in the open, but they're starting to con VT-IT, so they don't exactly bring in the xp, that, and the place is literally swarming with people. All of a sudden, leveling up another job doesn't look so appealing anymore.

I did have one of those moments though- after my second party finished, where the WAR couldn't really skillchain and the BLM didn't know how to Magic Burst, I took them, and a Rank 7 party member (Rizalde) out to the Sauromugue Champaign and taught them how to set up a skillchain, and how to Magic Burst. I'm not sure why, but I guess someone will have to teach them eventually, that, and for their sake, I hope they learn by the time they hit the jungles, because I can be pretty ruthless with people not knowing the basics there. ^^

Anyway, we ended up teaching the Black Mage (Jaygee) how to Magic Burst, and he was at thankful for the lesson. The Warrior (Kobain) on the other hand, was rather n00bish, showing a complete lack of interest in what Rizalde and I were trying to teach. He said, for example, he knew how to skillchain, although he managed to land the skillchain a grand total of one time during the course of two hours in the tower. Of course, that was with him closing the skillchain- he has no problems opening it, no! ^^ He kept insisting on getting help for his chocobo, and buying a good sword, despite the multiple times Rizalde and I told him he actually wanted an Axe instead of a Sword. Finally, I ended up walking him all the way to the Tahrongi Canyon, to get his Mea crystal so he could farm there in the future. All I get in the end was something along the lines of "I want a Warp", and then a silent disband. That's thanks for you. >_<

I'm really not sure what to do in-game now, and it hit me square in the face again this afternoon. Perhaps it's time to move onto other pursuits, and put FF on the backburner, mostly because I'm still interested in pursuing that Goldsmithing blog of mine, even though from the looks of things, nobody reads it! >_< Ah well, only a matter of time before I start referring people there. ^^

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Strawberrie said...

That would explain the "[I'm back!]" tell I got... lol, I thought you just weren't updating or something. Maybe Blogger got old for you... well anyway, good to have you back!