13 July, 2005

AF blunders ; ;

Tonight, I decided to pop back on my Dynamis linkshell to help them out with whatever run they were doing. After all, it had been a while since I last went on anything with them (I stopped going when my finals were about to start), and it was something else to do for a change.

Only problem was that I was used to going during American time, but now that I'm back in Asia, our times are rather...strange. We'd start at midnight, and then go on until 4 in the morning, which isn't exactly a schedule I really like, so it doesn't look like I'll be going much more in the future. >_<

Anyway, I was surprised to find that Starfox had more or less quit the Explorer LS. I kind of knew about it, when I posted on the Explorer BBS, and Elmas (the leader) said 通訳いないから大変です, or "there's no translator, so it's hard." I thought Starfox was still active in the LS... ; ;

I ended up asking Starfox what happened, and it turns out that in the middle of a massive pull, and will all the chaos and confusion that was going around, Starfox forgot to pass on one piece of AF that dropped, either because he just plain forgot while trying to deal with everything else, or just didn't see it drop.

In either case, the LS rules dictate that he gets charged fifty points (or five runs worth) for the AF, which he didn't exactly like. And so, he went on a bit of a spending spree to clear out his points, and called it quits from there, at least, so I gather.

Personally, that's one gripe I have with Explorer's system of distributing AF pieces. When unwanted AF drops, it's probably unwanted because the piece is not worth the five runs it costs. Furthermore, when nobody wants the AF, it is collected, and then thrown away. I know Starfox, Kitsume and I all feel that we throw away way too much AF, and this is something I'd like to fix if I ever get around to organising my own Dynamis LS. (Hah, yeah right :P) Anyway, keep what happened to Starfox in mind.

The other occurance was that I tried to get Akanea into Explorer, although that didn't quite go as well as I had hoped. Elmas said that tonight's run was a little hectic, so the next run forth would be fine. Woulfgang wants to get Krellion into the LS, which I can support, but it's going to be rather odd should I ever break away from the LS, which I'm contemplating.

Anyway, Elmas starts listing the various AF, and asking who wants them. When the time comes for the sorcerer's gloves, the BLM AF2, not a single Black Mage wants them, despite the fact that there're nine of us there. What can I say? They're not exactly great- just a little extra damage to a Magic Burst, and +10 Dark Magic (which is all I'd be after, I guess).

Guess what dropped within the first ten minutes of Dynamis?

Unfortunately, because none of us said we wanted it, it was thrown away, which again, is something I really don't like. I kind of like Obsidian's style of auctioning the AF pieces away, since it actually reflects real demand for a particular AF, although I'd imagine the bookkeeping would be...quite a headache. >_<

Anyway, sometime later in the run, a second pair of sorcerer's gloves dropped!

This, I couldn't take any more. Throwing away two pieces of BLM AF2 right in front of me was a little much, and I asked if I could lot on it. Elmas gave the green light, but unfortunately, Shie (the AF collector to chuck) had already cast a lot on it, and I forgot to tell Shie to pass on the AF. As it turned out, everyone else had already passed on the AF, and when I cast my lot, it was lower than Shie's, so I didn't get the gloves in the end. ; ;

We were also in the middle of a rather big pull, an d in the middle of all this, and my trying to get the sorcerer's gloves dealt with before the system autolots, a THF AF2 (an Assassin's Bonnet) dropped. I was too busy trying to deal with everything to notice it, and after we had finished dealing with the pull that had the nuking party run around the place trying to catch up with the four statues that came along, I had forgotten about the Bonnet. (Sound familiar?)

Needless to say, everyone passed, and a few minutes later, when we were about to engage a trigger NM...


This wasn't something I can accounted for. >_< Of course, the subtle irony is that this is almost exactly what happened to Starfox, and now it's happening to me. I assume that I'm going to be charged for this, which means that not only did I lose 50 points, I even got the wrong AF, and not the one I wanted, which even dropped twice. Sigh...

Maybe it's time to level up THF? >_<


Onekomaru said...

wow... just wow lol

^^; this signals a change in rules is needed

wyred said...

∑( °д°)

The relic AFs were going to be thrown away anyway so why charge you points for a relic AF you will most likely throw away too?

Strawberrie said...

Japanese are so strict... (;´д⊂

Yeah Obsidian's system is nice, but if you are a new member to the LS, it's going to take you MONTHS to lot on a popular AF like BLM AF2.

Sorry to hear about your mixup... T_T

Onekomaru said...

tuufie are you in japan?

Tuufless said...

Yep, I'm in Japan at the moment- hanging out around the Kyoto/Osaka area for now at least. Will be leaving for Nagoya in a couple days time, and then Tokyo soon after that. ^^

LadyRikku said...

OMG...... Should it be the person who was suppose to lot on the Af2 to throw away's fault? that person was to "lot on the af" to throw away. That person failiur to do so is her/his fault entirely. You should not be responsible for the af2 that "accidentlly" got to u cause someone never lot for to to throw away. /comfort

Onekomaru said...

hehe, you should learn some kansaiben while you're at it


LadyRikku said...

Grab some info when is Ayumi's next Cd/DVD/VCD release. Ayumi Hamasaki forever (.^^)b

Cyrus Powers said...

Bah, I was wondering why you were never on AIM anymore. Stupid FFXI. >.<