26 July, 2005

A Pilgrim's Wand

Having been largely absent from the game for the past six weeks, I had quite a bit to adjust to. Certain things were easier than others, but I was gone for the week that followed that update that changed the Rangers, and was gone for the update that introduced all the new NMs.

Of course, I had been following what was going on via the online forums, but they only offer so much insight. To be honest, I wasn't really interested in the new HNMs like that HNM Scorpion in Altepa, although I was interested in certain changes made- in particular changing Argus', the Valkurm Emperor's, and Leaping Lizzy's drops to RA/EX versions of their old drops, and then shifting the non-RA/EX versions to BCNM drops. They weren't the only NMs affected- I hear the Peacock Charm and Archer Rings now have RA/EX versions as well, which predictably has had its effects on the Sniper Ring economy, but that's another story altogether.

What did catch my eye, on the other hand, was a new NM that dropped a new club called the Pilgrim's Wand, a wand that just adds +2 to one's MP regeneration rate while resting. Basically, 1/5th a Dark Staff, but what makes this new wand so appealing is that it can be equipped from the low, low level of Level Ten.

That is to say, my Red Mage and Summoner now have something to help boost their MP recovery rate while waiting to equip my beloved Dark (Pluto's) Staff. ^^

The NM in question is a low-level (around level 15) NM Bird in West Sarutabaruta. The NM's named "Nunyenunc", and supposedly, the Pilgrim's Wand is a guaranteed drop. It's spawn area is just north of the West Sarutabaruta Outpost, at H-5 and H-6. Quick scouring of the forums also led me to believe that the general consensus is that Nunyenunc is on a lottery pop, with a repop window of roughly three hours. Despite this (people seem rather aware of my inner hatred for anything that involves camping), I decided to try for it.

Airshipping down to Windurst on my Red Mage, I stopped by the Mog House to switch over to RDM/RNG, for Widescan. Widescan was invaluable here, allowing me to quickly isolate the trigger Carrion Crows and the Nunyenunc itself.

When I got to the Outpost, I looked at my Widescan, and alas, the Nunyenunc wasn't up. Fortunately, it didn't look like I was going to have any competition for it, other than one WAR30/THF15 that was running around the area for some reason. And so, I set out and about on the monotonous task of slaughtering the Carrion Crows in the area. After about half an hour (probably less, but it felt like a long time!), I was about to call it a night and come back another time, that, and Fishura wanted me to go up to the Uleguerand Range to xp with him, Kyubi, and Izaak (read: more Buffalo goodness ^^). Dejected at seeing Carrion Crow after Carrion Crow pop, I walked back to the Outpost to grab a Teleport all the way back to Port Windurst (yes, I'm lazy. I know.)

Fortuantely, I decided to check my Widescan one last time before talking to the teleporting taru. As all situations like this go, guess what popped and now appeared on my Widescan? ^^

I immediately started tracking it, and rushed over to where it was, afraid to lose it to any (probably non-existent, but oh well) competition. One Dia later, it's name was in red, and now I just had to set about killing it...

...which fortunately, wasn't exactly a difficult task, given the fact that I was about twenty-five levels above it, but nobody cares about those kind of things in the end. ^^ A few /pokes with my trusty Platoon Dagger later, and Nunyenunc fell, and just like the guaranteed drop the forums said it had, there it was:

/cheer ^^

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Strawberrie said...

That really is nice, Kea popped it by accident a few days ago too. But like you, I have a HUGE hatred for camping anything. So it's gonna take a lot of willpower for me to try for this wand... ><;